KL-Beijing friendship based on trust, says Najib

kl-n-beijing-friendship-based-on-trust [Malaysia’s PM visits to China 2nd to 5th June, 2009]

 followed the week after (NEXT)  by the visit from Singapore’s Founder Senior Minister Mentor LKY to Malaysia for a 10 days exploratory and formal (official ?) ground working trip to earmark a few “Iconic” Investment in any of the explored Corridors, Peninsula Malaysia wide !  Committed to IRDA Region in Johor. Still those easily located few Counters (still cheap now before Economic Recovery) to play on !  


Latest Update on what’s happening on 04-06-09 in China : It seems Malaysia’s PM turned “Super Maketing and Sales” VIP very busy inviting Sninese Businessman to venture into Malaysia both in Trade and Investment in the multi Sector Opening Up for Foreign Investment. The effort netted more than a dozen MOUs signed between Government and Government and the Private Sectors to Private Sectors !

Go here to view what’s signed : prime-minister-datuk-seri-najib-tun-razak-believes-china-will-be-at-the-forefront-of-the-economic-crisis-revival

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