In my previous articles on the same topic, we touched on ways to brace for the worst; first is on how to improve or get more income (the quickest and faster ways) in which we’ve identified risk investment (short term investment) center on equities trading in Bursa Malaysia and depending on where your fort is, others may find commodities trading, derivatives and/or forex more to their liking.

Next, we will now very briefly try to identify other ways of improving income but before this, we need to reflect back and musing ourselves for a little while. Many a times, we are either too busy with our occupation or indulgence that we may have taken light of managing our lives ! Yes, many of us are not prepared for crisis like this because it was never expected but this time around we are a lot more lucky compared to 1930 as in today’s era of progress, news from every media have helped us to be prudent in dealing with monetary matters. Many are now becoming more aware of their own personal situation and some have even taken up courses in “personal management” to develop and improved themselves. So, crisis may not be that bad and cruel after all as it is during crisis that people start “learning” and surprising, this falls in line with the Government’s policy on “developing human resources” and “creating a knowledge based economy” or in short “K-economy” !

Ok, but what about those wage earners from the lower rung of the income bracket and the ordinary citizen or “man on the street” whom one might call them and especially those less knowledgeable ones who lacks proper education and training ? How to assist them bracing and coping with this hardship ?

Recalling the good old days when country folks and the younger populace migrates from the kampungs and suburbs of smaller townships to try their luck on employment and other opportunities in bigger towns elsewhere where developments are rampant to find that pot of gold which has most of the time been always elusive ! Many of this younger populace weren’t even equipped with the basic skill required for survival in the various urban concrete jungles and have fallen prey to manipulators and tricksters. Some ended up broke while others their youth robbed off and most ended up working in undesirable establishments. Those young upstarts who set out for city life for the first time are often dazzled by the glamour of  nightlife under the neon lights and though they may have found their pot of gold, many have lost their chastity very early in life and few have survived morally.

The discussion and opinion that follows in this section will be centered on these categories of individuals and hopefully the suggestion thereafter may offer and/or serve as “seeds of germination” to some, god willing !             

Normally, the proper channel to assist these categories of individuals comes from the government’s initiatives through participating private institution and organization in the fields of education and skill training. Other groupings to help out but on a lesser scale comes from the various Human Support Arms of NGO’s, Religious, Righteous Action as well as the Social Welfare Society of Associations and Guilds. Political groupings within the Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat have their own Action Council to cater to the needs of their own members.

Ok, so much so for the above, I still reckon that Malaysia is still a “Land of Milk and Honey”(in other words”Land of Opportunity”) where the hardworking and those who are willing to struggle will be rewarded as there are plenty to go around and more than enough to share among her citizen. So, everyone can find their niche in many areas of generating income provided they are willing to work for it. Malaysia is a muti-ethnic and colourful country and her citizen celebrates many different festivals together in harmony, peace and unity (varieties in diversity).

Ways of improving income with little outlay

How do we identify some of the ways where we can generate additional or extra income on niche business or potential areas and/or sectors of investment or venture. Having identify the areas to participate, it would be best for the individual to attend and acquire the necessary skill in the area selected and “GO FOR IT” after that !

Quote :

“Many consumers are complaining that while the price of petrol, diesel and some essential items such as cooking oil, flour just to name a few here are coming down but the greedy food retail outlets especially the stall owners at foodcourts are still charging higher prices for the food that they served.”-

Selection – “The Process”

God has given and made us all a wholesome being to acquire and build merits to atone our past doings. He has created and given man the various gifts necessary for survival in this human world. Many of us have taken for granted these gifts as it is always the case when we have something in our possession, we tend not to cherish them so much until the day we lost them, we started to miss and yearn for them so much. It is always the simple little things in life that has the greatest impact on us and had we made more use of them earlier, situation could have been very much better !

So, what are these gifts or assets that God had given to us ? Don’t all of us have a pair of ears and eyes, a nose and a mouth, a pair of hands and legs and a wonderful brain ?

Precisely, so the selection process” is actually making use of these gifts that God has created for us and it is this simple process that we have many a times forgotten to make full use of it. Man are complicated and they like to complicate things when all it takes are just the simple steps to complete things. Sounds complicated right, so that’s normal as we are only humans and humans are completely complicated, I’ve just said

and it’s as simple as that, so we are now completed, no more complicated ! Let us now look and review the Quote above (reproduced from article I) and using our ears, we listened to the complaint against food eateries and stall operator outlets charging exorbitant prices on the food they serve us. So an idea evolved from listening to the complaints and “food business” has been identified to be profitable as prices of food is steadily rising with no indication of coming down even though the cost of raw materials and oil prices are coming down !


                                       …………. to   be   continued ………….. akan   datang ……………

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