Investors looking to Feng Shui Prediction for Guidance


As more news of job and financial losses come to light, more and more people are starting to discard financial advice from the more conventional practitioners for that of feng shui consultants to prepare themselves for the year.”More people are definitely getting interested in feng shui . Like now, a lot of people would like to know how they can do better. Already, financial advice is not working. Most of them can’t even get any advice these days. So where do you think they turn to?” feng shui consultant Joey Yap told The Edge Financial Daily .

Analysts have said although the local market had held up well enough during the first 20 days of the year, things are expected to head further south in the coming months.

“The rise in the KLCI (Kuala Lumpur Composite Index) which started at the end of December till mid-January was mainly due to the Obama and Chinese New Year rally. But I think it would go downwards in the near-term to create new bottoms before picking up marginally towards the second half of the year,” an analyst said.

The Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia (ACCCIM) expected job cuts to be high in the first half of this year, especially in the manufacturing and construction sectors.

With so much uncertainty, it is not a surprise that people are indeed turning to feng shui to find solace in, or indications of, what may come for the rest of the year, and brace themselves for it.

Feng shui , which places importance in direction, location and time, is the art of creating positive energy and is becoming a popular way to create ideal work and home environments, which result in a healthy, happy and prosperous life.

Even local and foreign research houses are getting into the act in this relatively eastern and traditional field, to help investors determine what might be ahead.

Yap said opportunities were open to people who knew how to take advantage of the positive cycles for the year.

“For example, when buying property for investment this year, potential buyers first have to look at whether they themselves have the wealth opportunities. And if they have the wealth opportunities in their luck this year, then yes, they should buy.

“Financial experts will probably look at the property developer in terms of their background, the projects they are doing and where they are investing. We do the same, just a different way. We study them in terms of feng shui to make sure they have the right elements for the year,” he said.

Combining financial advice with meta-physical elements would therefore provide investors with better choices, he said.

“We also encourage people to learn feng shui for themselves and keep track of things on their own as it is not very difficult,” Yap said after his feng shui seminar recently saw about 3,000 participants.

Feng shui seems to be the “in” thing these days as it is applicable to many things including hiring the right person, buying the right property, investing in the right sectors and at the right time as well as living in the right environment to trigger good fortune.

Thus, the feng shui business would be expected to grow further this year, what more when metaphysics is part of the fire element, which is the second favourable element this year, after the wood element.

“The good thing about the feng shui business is that, in good times, people want to preserve their wealth. And in bad times, they want to improve,” he added.




Is this A Year of the Bull? Hardly. And as for this being the Year of the Ox, it’s more likely to be remembered as the Year of the Axe. The reality is that most of 2009 will be a Cow of a year, by name and by nature.

A few months back, when markets were crashing faster than Niagara Falls, one of our analysts remarked, not entirely in jest, that not only had investors given up on fundamentals, they’d even come to despair of the arcane waverings of chartists. It had reached the point, the analyst reckoned, where investors were pretty much only taking calls from their feng shui advisors. What better time, then, to breathe the vital life force back into our much-missed and disconcertingly popular CLSA Feng Shui Index, which over the years has been the bane of sensible analysts and investors by correctly calling the market uncannily often on the basis of not much more than wind, water, a bunch of fanciful farmyard animals and frequent recourse to spirits.

What has 2009 got in store for us? Well, despite it shaping up as a Cow of a year, the index shows there’s no cause for udder despair. Admittedly, we’ll all have to plough hard for our pennies during this Year of the Brown Cow (‘brown’ because of the prevailing earth element and ‘cow’, rather than bull or ox, because of the yin, or female, influence this cycle). However, there’ll be some terrific money-making opportunities for the sage and the swift.

How to make the most of it? Obviously, this guide is a great place to start. Over the following pages, we first explain the background to the index and how to read it, then give you a month-by-month guide to the year ahead, plus ready-reckoners for every birth sign of the Chinese zodiac (including forecasts for a few famous faces), and tips on how to sort out your home and office to make sure the luck flows in. And, unlike some forecasters, we deliver specific predictions for the year ahead. We hope you enjoy our feng shui guide, bearing in mind as always that it’s offered with our tongues firmly in our cheeks. All the best for 2009 . . . and may the old Brown Cow be with you !



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