The Making of the “New (2 in 1) Super Bull Run of Yesteryears” !

Flashing Bull

2 in 1

2 in 1

Is it going to be the way I said in one of my earliest post ?


I have highlighted in one of my earliest posting in this blog that to win back the hearts of the majoritys mandate come the next GE, PM/FM DS Najib Tun Razak need to convincingly prove that he is the better FM compared to those former FM predecessors by doing and performing better than them with visible results !

Former Great FMs Tun Daim was there when the 1993 SUPER BULL RUN happened and FM DS Anwar Ibrahim was there when the 1995/1996 SECOND BOARD BULL RUN happened !



PM/FM DS Najib Tun Razak certainly must out do these two former great FMs to have a better chance of winning back the confidence of a great majority of the Countrys top Businessman and Industrialists to vote them in come next GE !

Guess what the Malaysian Equity Market perfoms now is exactly what I anticipate him to do !

The way those stocks that have been promoted from the 2nd board to the main board moves commencing from the middle of September this year have similarities that is reminiscence of the “1995/1996 SECOND BOARD BULL RUN” ! Starting with fast and short quick rally then comes “T+3” or “T+4”, Operators will ram them up again and those who play it the rollover way in such a scenario as in 1995/1996, makes very much more than those who bought and hold !

From April this year till now, it was noticed that the BULL RUN  generally was focused on selective main board counters which later turned broad based and later on the FBM KLCI 30 Big Cap Index Stocks seemed almost certain an “evergreen play”  which is reminiscence of the 1993 SUPER BULL RUN !

So, it looks to me that April, 2009 is the beginning of the “new Super Bull Run of yesteryear (1993)” and now are we witnessing the “new Second Board Rally of yesteryears (1995/1996)”  too ?

With the 2010 Budget coming up (to be tabled in Parliament on 23rd October, 2009) and with plenty of liquidities as in Fiscal Monetary Policy and the participation of Equinas, the Malaysian Equity Market is in for a good rally to break new highs not previously touched ! ( For update, Go here : government-to-pump-in-rm1b-monthly-till-2010 )

I anticipate this “BURSA MALAYSIAN RALLY” to continue well into the 1st Quarter of 2010 with short consolidation or correction !

Bursa Malaysia Expected Trend

Bursa Malaysia Expected Trend

Morphed into a Bull Elephant !

Morphed into a Bull Elephant !

For your ears only :


Enjoy !

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