Selamat Hari Raya !

To all my Muslim Friends and Readers in Malaysia and afar,

I wish you guys “SELAMAT HARI RAYA” ! 

Selamat Jalan dan Pandu Dengan Cermat bila “Balik Kampung” !

For those of you guys who missed out on collecting some “duit raya” earlier, another undervalued small cap counter to watch out for is “KOMARK” as lately, my observation tells me that the “now in play counters” other than the 30 new CI Big Cap Counters are all concentrated in the Ind-Prod Sector with par value of RM1/= per share ! With more news flow on the signing of MOUs, awarding of new contracts, crossing of big block of shares at high prices to the market,  possible  M&A’s, Privatisations and the latest report on the improvements in the third quarter IPI figures and improve forecast on the final quarter IPI figures by majority analysts and the relevant Ministries has set Insiders, Local Institutions and Players jumping in to snap up those undervalued Small Cap Ind-Prod Counters ! Those already in the news that have attracted these Players are counters like GBH, JETSON, INGRESS and TAMADAM. Movements were observed on Counters like CNASIA and SAPIND ! These Counters may present good “Short term Trading Opportunities” for fast bucks if you are observant enough ! So far many of these stocks have run up to approximately 70% of their respective “NTA” backing and par value easily even without strong news flow over few trading sessions !  Tips : A good indication on which counter(s) to watchout for are those undervalued ones where the Companies are buying back their own shares from the open market !


[As usual, the above written are the writer’s own opinion and observation and should not be construed as an act of solicitation to “buy” or “sell” such stocks. Readers trade at their own risk !  The above observation and opinion are just for further discussion on my earlier topics on “Short Term Risk Rewards” with minimum outlays !]

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