Welcome News – Cost Savings in times of “Hardship”

It is heartening to have Major Corporations chipping in to complement the Government’s effort in promoting and encouraging her citizen to “spend” to provide liquidity to the economy as a way to help curb deepening recession. As we are already in a technical recession, every single effort by the rakyat other than the private and Government’s fiscal measures taken should not be spared.

Credit Cards

Credit Cards


Cash Rebate Credit Cards and Debit Cards at Hypermarket


Some of the credit cards and debit cards provide cash rebate when you purchase at the hypermarket. However as usual there are terms and conditions for that and some have the time limit. Below are the information of the hypermarket and the respective cash rebate credit cards or debit cards for it.


Tesco – RHB Credit Cards and Debit Cards

– 2% cash rebate


Giant – Citibank Credit Cards

– 2% cash rebate, maximum rebate RM600 per year.


Standard Chartered – Limited Edition ATM & Debit MasterCard from Saadiq$aver

– i account- 5% cash rebate on 7 major hyper/supermarkets up till 30 June 2009 (max. RM3,000 per month). Includes Tesco, Giant, Carrefour, Watson, The Store, Parkson and Jaya Jusco.


Standard Chartered – JustOne MasterCard Titanium


– 5% cash rebate on Friday and 2% cash rebate from Saturday to Thursday


Ambank – Ambank Credit Card 10% Cash Back Promotion on Wednesdays ending 31/08/09 


Ambank Credit Cards

Ambank Credit Cards



10 % cash back rebate on Wednesday and 5% cash back rebate on other days . Participating merchants Carrefour, Giant, Tesco, Jusco, Cold Storage and Mydin.


10% cash rebate from Ambank is the highest now. If you have those credit cards with you and the hypermarket is found within your area. Do keep in mind of these information as you will have some cash rebate for you purchase. It couldn’t be better to have promotions around at times of hardships due to Crisis and we need to utilize these promotions to the fullest. This is also part of personal finance management. However the cash rebate is calculated in blocks of RM50 for petrol and RM 100 for groceries. Each card member is only entitled to a maximum cash rebate of RM 50 per month. To enjoy this Ambank cash back promotion, you will need to SMS “Cashback your 16-digit-card no.” and send to 36663.


If you know other cards that provide the similar offer, do inform and information will be updated accordingly.


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