Players ! Are You Lost ?

Many of us have often times forgotten these phrases, “Seek and you will find” and “Ask and you will get a reply” ! Forgetting how to “Let Go”, still ? 

Well, few “friends” have asked the same Multi Million Dollar Question,” Which direction is Bursa Malaysia heading” ?

Well, I like to attach this piece of article below to rest your mind a bit :

“Chinese Premier Wen Jia Bao” has commented that ‘ Confident is more important than Gold’, when referring to measures taken to resolve Financial Crisis.

Same goes to Stock Market.

A rally will resume after a pause, if the investor/punter have faith on the stock market. The investing attitude of the investor will determine the direction of the market.

Will you dump your stock if the market go down ? or
You will hold your stock for the ‘Value’, not the price.

We need not fear a Market Correction or Consolidation, the positive factors that contributed to RALLY such as market liquidity, year end economy recovery still intact.

Every rally will have correction, rally will resume after a pause.

* This just an opinion for your reading !

^_^ !

Good Luck !  

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