Pictures from top left and clockwise : (1) An “Unorthodox” approach  (2) The Legendary Sun Tzu (3) Very Difficult Situation [present day Global Financial Crisis] (4) “Art of War” applied to suit the existing condition (4) Employment of “Aggressive Solution”

As the year 2009 belongs to the “Earth Ox” and is considered “YING” in nature and are thus generally perceived as the causes of Worldwide disasters and turmoil.         

In order to counter these predominant predatory nature of Ying forces, believers will generally look and take  to the path of cultivation and practices that are considered “YANG” in nature to bring about a balance as was contained and written in the annals which forms the basis to the foundation of “YINGYANG” Theory.   

With the current financial turmoil affecting world economies and it seems that the orthodox ways of solving the crisis are not making much headroom (as highlighted by the many Gurus of financial markets in the likes of Jim Rodgers, Warren Buffet and others), other unorthodox ways must be employed to tackle it within the shortest possible time.

Click link to listen –   (1)    \”We are the World\”  [United We Survive]

                                   (2)     \”Heal the World\”

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