How Long can a “Stimulated BULL” run ?

And that’s a Million Dollar Question !

I don’t have the answer but inspiration tells me that a “Stimulated Bull” got stronger legs and stamina (Government Sukuk Bond, PNB’s Amanah Malaysia & Amanah Wawasan 2020 provides the much needed “stimulants”) ! The stimulated Bull will respond well to the action of the “Bull Fighter” or “Matador” ! [To be honest, Fundamentals & Technicals may not be as useful as it should in times of Globally induced “Crisis” !]

Nationalisation works where others (Fundamentals and Technicals as the “Orthodoxes”) failed !

The "Good" Matador Stimulating the Bull !

The "Good" Matador is seen Stimulating the "BULL" !

In Bursa Malaysia and in the name of “National Interest”, the Matador belongs to the EPF Syndicate often termed as the “Good Syndicate” and their played Counters/Stocks are easily predicted ! Most of these Stocks are the GLCs !

Below are highlights of two (2) of the EPF’s active stocks which are worth to look at (at your own risks, ok) ! 


KLCI Technical Chart is a "GOOD" Guide to your "Investment Decision Making" !

KLCI Technical Chart is a Good Tool to assist you in your Investment Decision Making Process ?



The index could revisit the immediate target of 1,050/1,060 soon.
Immediate support is now seen near the 980 level.


*Genting (3182)

Support: IS = RM4.60

Resistance: IR = RM5.15 R1 = RM6.00 R2 = RM6.80

(Macquaire has a price target of RM7.50 on “GENTING BERHAD”) 

Malaysian Resources Corp (1651)

Support: IS = RM1.10

Resistance: IR = RM1.33 R1 = RM1.60 R2 = RM1.90


Ranhill (5030)

Support: IS = RM0.79

Resistance: IR = RM0.94 R1 = RM1.06 R2 = RM1.27


*Resort World (4715)


Support: IS = RM2.56 S1 = RM2.43 S2 = 2.21
Resistance: IR = RM2.68 R1 = RM2.96 R2 = RM3.20 R3 = RM3.60


●名勝世界 Resort : Overweight



自去年11月宣佈以6900萬美元(2億4978萬令吉)全面收購美國公司Bromet和Digital Tree股權計劃以來,名勝世界股價在外資拋壓下迄今已下挫18%,外資持股比重從2008年首9個月的40%跌至去年12月杪的33%。



Notes :

            (1) Marked with an “*” are non EPF Counters

            (2) You may watch for the “Pullback or “Quick correction” at 

                 around the 990 points or thereabouts to make your entry

                should there be one as PM’s Hundred Day’s KPI so

                far so good ! No “Black mark” OK ! We “1Malaysia” ! 

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