BULL or BLUES Ahead ?

An investor pondering whether it's going to be Wall Street "Bull" or "Blues" ahead in the year of the Earth Ox !

An investor pondering whether the "Ox" year ahead is going to bring in the Wall Street BULL or BLUES ?

As the Ox enters the new year 2009, Equity Markets Worldwide are expected to move up in the earlier quarter of the New Year. After hibernating, resting and/or spelling for a good 12 years, like race horses when returning from spells (being fresh, they are as fit as a fiddle) will most likely to do well. These animals will most likely jump out from the barrier (on opening bell to signal the beginning of trading on Stock Markets) and lead the field in a sprinting race on starter’s order. As the January and Chinese New Year Effects are still on, do expect those related counters to be played up again !

To watch video on Buffalo Racing, just click here :  Buffalo Racing in Malaysia 

In Malaysia, Buffalo racing are commonly held in the East Malaysian States of Sabah and Sarawak in the Island of BORNEO in conjunction with the festival celebration of the various tribes of population there. So, Buffalo do Sprint too, right ?

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