1st & 2nd, it's still the "RED BULL" Charging in the "Red Flag" F1 Championships  !

1st & 2nd in the "Red Flag" F1 Championship, it's all the "RED BULL" and nothing else !

Thumb's up says "Ah Peks & Ah Sohs !

Thumb's up says "Ah Sohs" !

Ah Peks & Ah Sohs says, gomen sort of putting $$$ into our pockets !

$$$ RM $$$ RM $$$ !

$$$ RM $$$ RM $$$ !

 What says you  ?

The Starter, "Mini Budget"

The Starter !

It all multiplied from the Chinaman’s abacus as depicted above (in recognition of the Chinese Ethnic’s contributions to the Economy of the Country and from the rate the Chinese Quotas are taken up in the Country’s called for “Financial Reinforcement” as “STIMULUS PACKAGES” through the subscription of the latest “Sukuk Islamic Bond”, “ASM Unit Trust Fund” and surely the Coming “AS Wawasan 2020 Unit Trust Fund” Monday next), who says the Chinese Ethnic in Malaysia are “ungrateful”, huh ? If Politician do a “GOOD” job, surely the Chinese will vote for them in the elections ! Being the elected Politician who serves as “Guardian” of our “Nation’s Wealth”, surely Politicians must have the credibility that is befitting of being one !  Like what Jim Rogers said, “Malaysia could be a wildly successful Nation if Politician got their acts right ” ! Being a Natural Resource Rich Country, we should be better than tiny Brunei or Little Singapore, if not equal ! So Politicians, “get and put your acts right”, I begged of you !  Our younger generation’s future lies with you ! What you decides and do today (your actions) reflects who you are !         “^ grin ^”,   but no exertion of  “EMOTIONS” here hoh !       Hehe !   

< EOM >


Do your part hoh, “Rakyat  of Malaysia”, subscribed to the “STIMULUS PACKAGES FUND” hoh, so that I can help you guys save our Country, this is not “NS” hoh but concerted effort from “genuine” citizen of Malaysia, got “profits” and “dividends” one, ok !  Don’t play play !  “^ grin ^”  !


More Catalysts to come !  Akan datang ! 

After the “Appertizer”, below is for the “Entree” ! 

Here it is, the entree ! Have patience !

Here it is, the entree ! Have patience !

Next entree, Financial Services Liberalization !

I'm the Oracle of "Horse Come West Ya" ?

I'm the Oracle of "Horse Come West Ya" ?

then you guys will be laughing your way to the Banks, Ya ?

From "Markets" to the "Banks" !

From "Markets" to the "Banks" !

 Hehe !  Ah Peks and Ah Sohs just like to have “FUN” !


From Cow"COW"

it turned,BULL“BULL”

and will it turned "Golden Bull"“Golden Bull” ?


Well, we just have to wait and see lol !

Take care, honky tonks !

Have a “NICE” day ahead !

Take Note :

* P/s : Be aware of the latest breakout of “SWINE FEVER”

             Break out in Mexico already !


America got "Talent" but here Mexica got "Fever" !

America got "Talent" but here Mexico got "Fever" !


It's Saturday Nite Fever ? No, it's Swine Fever/Flu !

It's Saturday Night Fever ? No, it's Swine Fever/Flu !

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