Smart Alec uses “Brain Power” to find “Winning Stock”, so can U !

Call it Fluke Shot, Guess work, Luck, Sheer

Coincidence, Good Prediction or Wisdom !




Which part of your brain is used when you do a conscientious analysis of the stocks you want to invest or trade in ?


Left brain ?   Right brain ?   Whole brain ?  Think for a minute !


I would like to share with readers and visitors here a honest comment or feedback I got from a reader friend this morning which I thought interesting to write on; thus the title of this short article.


It was the morning of 23rd April, 2009 at the share market when a reader friend called, telling me that he had just bought in 50,000 shares in Lion Industries Berhad that I tipped in one of my earlier articles. I was utterly amazed when he said that and I asked him back which article did he read that I wrote ? To my surprise when he said this, “there, in that article where PM DS Najib Tun Razak mentioned Tan Sri Willian Cheng’s name and that PM DS Najib will personally see to ….”! Now, just to be honest with you guys, I don’t know about all that in the morning till I “ran” through the last couple of posted articles and found the article which was extracted from bernama ! Like that also can woh ! Haha ! Guess this reader friend must be using his “left brain” more than the others ! My fellow “Hong ShiShiong” is good at the “workings” of the “left and right brain” learning lessons ! He can talk on this subject “till Cows turned Bulls” ! Hehe ! Go here for contacts and details :



It’s the working of the Stimulus Package, dude ! 


But why then Tan Sri William Cheng’s Stable of Counters ?


I can understand why he bought in LionInd counter, Steel Play lah !


Stimulus is about building and nurturing Consumers Confidence and encouraging spending (Parkson) ! ^grin^ !


KLCI 990 points don’t seems to have much resistance at the rate this “STIMULUS” works !


Anyway, wish all have a bountiful harvest the days ahead !


Chao !


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