Go with the Flow or Trend ( Continuation Series on 觉他 )

Well, the results of the KT election is out and the rakyat has spoken and it seems that the “winds of change” is still strong enough to uproot whatever that is in the way until it arrived at it’s “Destination” !   

So what now, Barisan National or to be exact UMNO ? What went wrong, something must be terribly wrong somewhere and definitely you guys know about it and just refused to let go of it. We all know that “letting go” is always the hardest thing to do and worst still is the biggest mistake made by a person which also represents the saddest thing in life ever made, by clinging on to it like a leech. Still in a state of denial ? Oh, how pathetic it is ! It’s time to wake up, man ! Which category do BN (UMNO) want to be in ? A Party that still want to make things happen or a Party that is willing to take a back seat and waits for things to happen ? Guess BN (UMNO) no longer has an option now.

My point of view :

What the ruling government (UMNO and its component Parties in BN) need to do now is a “complete makeover” of it’s machineries from top to bottom, injecting of fresh new faces with enough knowledge and experience in their respective fields of specialty or in other words, a specialist of good character, virtues and must embrace,  practice and observe the elements of “cleanliness” and “accountability” in the forms of good corporate governance, be not greedy, possess impartiality, transparency, trustworthiness and most important of all, be not arrogant but people friendly !

Now, to do all these will definitely takes time and this is the “one million ringgit question” that the ruling government “must” answer and what better way to do it is through doing good “deeds” and plenty of it too, not just “words” if they are serious about winning back the rakyat’s mandate ! There are still enough time to the next “General Election”, so the ruling government especially UMNO being the BN component party leader must start walking the talks and not just talking the works which has always been the case in the past and these they must learn and do it fast !

Major issues that are considered obsolete and not benefitting the rakyat as a whole (meaning Malaysian, irrespective of colors or races) must be addressed fast too. What era are we in now ? We’re no longer in the stone age and even hypothesis and theories that are previously cast in stone were reviewed and rewritten with the changing times to suit the situation. We must all move forward to embrace these changes else we will be left behind and become irrelevant. It is my believe that the rakyat are generally a compassionate and forgiving lot as can be seen from the recent generosity that they shown through their contribution to the donation drives organized for the Palestinian Cause. Do not be disheartened, do not dwell on the KT setback, it’s over, put that chapter behind you as you are still the ruling government, move on and speed your efforts to making the necessary changes and improvement for the betterment of the rakyat and nation. Address all major issues affecting Malaysians from all walks of life now and when the time comes on the next Call for the people’s mandate, you will have a better chance to secure a bigger majority to rule again !    


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