How about “UNIVERSAL” investment, the GOLD Standard ?

Public Bank Gold Investment Account
Public Bank Gold Investment Account enables you to invest in the gold just like having a normal saving account. Minimum initial purchase for this is 20gms. Based on the Public Bank gold selling price as below,
Gold Investment Account (Last updated 16/02/09 3:51 PM)    

PBB Gold Investment Account

PBB Gold Investment Account

I luv all those shinning "Yellows", don't U ?

I luv all those shinning

Selling Price     


Buying Price     


1 gram     

RM 111.9400     

RM 107.4600     

the minimum investment is RM2238.80. Minimum subsequent investment is 5gms (RM 559.7).
An annual fee of RM10 will be levied on the designated deposit account on the first day of the calendar year if the account balance is below 10gms as at year end.
The stated benefits are as below,
– To earn potentially higher return from appreciation in gold price.
– Convenience of investing in gold as trading is carried out through a passbook.
– Small difference between selling and buying prices. (Maybank Gold Saving Account has bigger difference between selling and buying prices)
– Affordable initial purchase and subsequent investment.
– Invest in gold without having to keep the gold physically.
– Gold is the best possible hedge against inflation.
– Alternative investment avenue to build up personal gold portfolio which is cheaper compared to invest in gold jewellery as the latter will incur additional cost on workmanship.
“It seems that Public Bank Gold Investment Account is more attractive than Maybank Gold Saving Account in terms of the selling price and buying price.”

Public Bank Gold Investment Account (Last updated 16/02/09 3:51 PM)
1 gram selling price – RM 111.9400
1 gram buying price – RM 107.4600
Maybank Gold Saving Account (Last updated 16/02/09 9:41 AM)
1 gram selling price – RM 114.88
1 gram buying price – RM106.36




Gold Price Chart in MYR

Gold Price Chart in MYR

Maybank Gold Savings Passbook Account

Maybank provides a gold saving account whereby you can buy gold with minimum of 5gms. According to the rate on 13 Feb as below,

Gold Savings Passbook







13 – Feb – 2009     



it means a minimum investment of RM 576.75. The rate is changing daily.

The stated benefits are as below,

– Convenience of deposit, withdrawal and closing of GSPA account at any Maybank branch in Malaysia
– Introduced by the country’s largest bank, 100% backed by physical gold and in collaboration with the World Gold Council
– Cheaper as gold prices quoted are pegged to international gold prices without additional charges
– Ability to build a personal gold portfolio by purchasing gold in small amounts (minimum 5gms) regularly over a period of time
– Opportunity for capital gain if the price of gold appreciates
– Possible hedge against inflation

If you believe that the gold price is going to appreciate, this might be a convenient tool for you since it is just like a normal saving account. The difference is that this is a gold saving account.



For those of you investors who wanted to get the “real” physical feeling of the metal called “GOLD” or the touch of gold metal rather the the “virtual gold” as credited in your “Gold Saving Account Pass book”, you might want to take physical delivery of the Gold in the form of 99.99% pure gold coin issued by Bank Negara Malaysia.

The Kijang Emas Gold Bullion Coins

Malaysia is the 12th country in the world to issue its own gold bullion coin. The Kijang Emas now joins the ranks of other international gold bullion coins.

The design of the obverse of the Kijang Emas depicts a barking deer (“kijang”) in its natural habitat in the Malaysian jungle. The reverse side features the hibiscus, the national flower of Malaysia.

1 Troy ounce
Face value: RM200
Gold Purity: 99.99%
Standard weight: 31.105g
Diameter: 37.00 mm

Go here :  for that “Golden Touch” investment further details !   

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