So, I dreamt of making plenty of $$$ DUIT $$$ & U too !




msg (1) U drmt KLCI 940 pts n 990 pts, by wen ? so still can buy now n wat ctrs to buy ? ;


msg (2) Hi Master Lee, agreed wif u tat crisis present buying opprty. So how to use “Art of War” to effect crisis mgmt to benefit both the rakyat n nation ?


My dreamt opinion :


In Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” the defining Competitive Position of the “Five Elements and Four Skills” for any operation to be successful must be present at the time period of launching. These Five Elements are : “HEAVEN”, “LEADER”, “PHILOSOPHY”, “METHODS” and “GROUND”. The Four Skills are : “Knowing”, “Vision”, “Action”, and “Positioning”.


All these are better summarised and illustrated in the Picture Chart shown below :




Now in my dreams, I foreseen all such factors are neared if not already slated in place starting right from the World’s Largest Economies, the G7s down to the G20s and from America and Australia down to Zambia and Zimbabwe, the World’s Largest Economy right down to the World’s Smallest Economy, there are all alike, all are sufferers and there is no two way about it ! Be it big or small nations, all had their respective rescue stimulus packages ready to pump up their respective economy (are there no other way else ?) !


Barely a month into office, the President of the World’s largest economy, Barrack Obama has lined up a string of capable aides and tapped the best brains among them to put the US economy in order and the World’s other Nations have too come together in unison with hasten urgency. Amen !

  US President Barrack Hussein Obama G7 Unity Meeting to Conquer Crisis 

US President Barrack Hussein Obama


In my earlier post I said that unorthodox methods must be employed to rescue the World from such unprecedented financial calamity and this was concurred by Malaysia’s PM2B’s younger brother Datuk Nazir Razak, CEO of CIMB during an interview by the edge daily’s reporters later on.


I also did mention earlier that such a Crisis must be tackled “Aggressively”. In this respect, Global Crisis must be tackled aggressively, “GLOBALLY” or on a “MACRO” basis and “NATIONAL CRISIS” must be tackled aggressively, “NATIONALLY” or on a “MICRO” basis but within the “GLOBAL” context. So we are now in a precarious situation where ours are considered to be caught in an eco-political situation of a Crisis within a Global Financial Crisis itself. Got it ?


Well, I have written earlier that human beings are complicated and as such they will complicate even the simplest of things ! Now, to simplify things, let’s just look at the key words from the above written paragraphs. We have everything ready to put into “ACTION” which is soon but to be precise, “now”, yes from now on. USA President Barrack Obama have just received approval from Law makers a stimulus package worth US$787 Billions to tackle the Country’s Economic woes and so are the rest of the World’s other nation. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd of Australia has approved AUS$42 Billions or US$28 Billions, so are the rest of the World’s other nations ! The next key word is to act or tackle the Crisis AGGRESSIVELY.


So now we have ACTION + “”AGGRESSIVELY” = “AGGRESSIVE ACTION and when all the World’s Nations come together in unison and put their respective rescue stimulus package into full swing through AGGRESSIVE ACTIONwithin a time period starting from “NOW”, then we can expect the rate of success to be high ! Now from Sun Tzu’s “Art of War”, this “objective” approach through unsuspecting strategy is akin to visualizing the “Global Financial Crisis” as a “Targeted Country” to be conquered. What better way to do it when all factors and strategies of War are already in place is by “attacking the target from all directions” (in unison) !Sun Tzu “Ping”


How then would it benefits the rakyat and nation ?

Well, the above dreamt view more or less surmised an unorthodox approach of employing Sun Tzu’s “Art of War” to tackling the Financial Crisis plaguing a Nation. Needless to elaborate any further, as the saying goes, “the earliest bird always catches the most worms” speaks the rest.


Yeah, the better informed investor rakyat are now going to reap the fruits of success after having ploughed and tilled the equity world and scouring through those undervalued and beaten down stocks and having made their investments in equities from 4th February, 2009 (Li Chun,  Start of Spring) onwards and it’s my personal view that it’s still never too late to join in the “BURSA MALAYSIA RUMBLES” to get a bite or a piece of the “PIE” if you are lucky enough (here I would like to qualify myself hoh, this statement shall not be construed as an act of soliciting for investment hoh, invest at your own perils) !  


In Malaysia (better known as “BolehLand” aka “Land of Milk and Honey”), we are a lot luckier than most of our same species (homosapiens) elsewhere in planet Earth. We worked less than our contemporaries elsewhere as we have more days off due to the various gazetted  public holidays in celebration of the festivals of the various ethnic groups that makes up the Malaysian Culture and Society. Other gazetted State holidays takes up the rest. Our country are really beautiful and it’s wonderful people from the various ethnic groups made Malaysia an unique Country, as western visitors to Malaysia are often heard showering praises and commenting that we are one hell of a Country that have varieties in diversities. Moreover, Malaysia are blessed with abundance of natural resources so, aren’t we lucky ! We are always the envy of other Nations ! Wait a minute here but what has Jim Rogers to say about Malaysia ?


Quote :

       Jim Rogers on Malaysia

With plenty of natural resources, Malaysia is in a good position than most countries in the current economic environment, Jim Rogers said.


“The Malaysian economy is natural resource-based so you are in a better position than many countries. And therefore, your currency is better positioned than other currencies,” Rogers said at the Asian Financial Forum.


“My main problem with Malaysia is that your politicians don’t seem to get it right. It’s a fabulous country and it should have a fantastic future. Get politicians who understand how the economy works and adapt and adjust. Malaysia should be and could be a wildly successful and rich country,” he commented.


Well, politics aside, I am not too bothered and neither keen to introduce politics into detail  discussion in the blog. We are better off without politics here as we are all not politician. Let’s just leave it to the politicians to play their political games, ok ? Believe me, we’ll not gain anything by indulging in political mongering but instead we have much to lose, so let us all talk money in moneytalk. 


I dreamt of KLCI trying 940 points and 990 points.

Now that we have all the favourable factors and conditions put in place by the ruling BN government, the time to take action is from now on. Three (3) major events are slotted to take place in March, 2009 in Malaysia. First, we have the exit of PM PakLah, secondly, the Up coming UMNO Elections and the third event of the month is the confirmation and taking of office of the new and Sixth (6) PM of Malaysia Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to complete the “RAHMAN” Prophecy. These events are consider to be the greatest ever transition period in the history of Malaysia and are expected to be filled with robust activities in the market place especially with “PumpPriming” from the latest Second Stimulus Package to the tune of RM35 Billions by the PM2B cum Minister of Finance ! Also right after these three (3) major events, coming early on 7th April, 2009 is the double by elections and this adds to the already hot and excited Market Place. So it’s rumbles all the way in Bursa Equity Markets ! So 940 points no problem and what about 990 points ? Let’s wait and see lol, I also don’t know as it’s a dream ok ! In my dreams, stocks to watch includes all GLCs, PakLah linked counters and Najib & Siblings linked counters.


Quote :

(1)             Get Greedy in the midst of Fears”

We simply attempt to be fearful when others are greedy and to be greedy only when others are fearful.” — Warren Buffett


(2)             “Strike while the iron is hot” – English Idiom


(3)   “Make hay while the sun shines” – English Idiom


An investor friend’s collegue who is filthy rich has this to say ; everyone I met said that we must not simply jump into the share market as the worst is yet to come. Always remember this : “Things would get worst before it turns good” and this was said in October of year 2008 !


Mind you, he is not wrong at it too as everyone else is saying and doing the same one thing and that is to sit and wait ! So on the good advice of this filthy rich guy, my investor friend waited and waited and until today, he is still waiting woh, so what are we to do now ? We can’t just be sitting around and wait till the “Cows comes home” before we make our entry into the Equity Markets, right ? The Malaysian Bourse dips towards a low of KLCI 803 points or thereabouts and have since then never gone anywhere near to it and it was now up close to 910 points on the last day of trading in the week ended Friday, February 13, 2009 !

You call your shots but always remember this :

If ever you make money,

Please don’t thank me,

Just considered yourself “Lucky”.

Now, if ever you lose money,

Please don’t blame me,

No, no, no, I’m not at your service,

You have to take it that you are “unlucky”.

Moneytalk Service is “FREE” as well as “EMPTY” ! – by : K L LEE


Goodnite all and Happy Trading !

P/s : I going to dream that all of us will make plenty of “ $$$ DUIT $$$” together ! Amen !



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