SOS on SMSes ! Help ! Please !


Well, got up late today’s morning (Saturday) and was greeted with two (2) smses when I switched on my mobile. Guess now I understand why people are generally “shy” when going through the proper channel to seek their answers. Still this miracle “ART” of “LETTING GO” is still not understood or rather refused to be understood by many !


Well, is it that difficult to say words like : ”please”, “sorry”, “thank you” and better still is it a problem to give someone a “smile” ?


Now, if the answer is “ayes”, then you have a problem !


“Greeting” one another when bumped into whether by chance or otherwise is a way of fostering “bonding” or you may want to call it by other names such as “networking” or “establishing contacts” or “cultivating relationships” and is universally acknowledge or seen as the simplest basic yet powerful strategy or tool or way of practising good corporate and personal management for the advancement of business development and marketing purposes on all levels. It is ahabit” that can be cultivated and practiced for good overall personal management.


At the personal level, Arrogance, Ego, Shyness and Stubborness are all undesirable elements that need to be discarded if you are serious about changing for the better !


Well, enough of these granpa mumbos.


May I request readers and visitors who have queries to used the comment section rather than my mobile as your open comment or queries may be answered by some better knowledge individuals and that way it will be more interesting to have varied opinions and views subject to moderation of course !


Anyway, received these two (2) short messages : msg (1) U drmt KLCI 940 pts n 990 pts, by wen ? so still can buy now n wat ctrs to buy ? ; msg (2) Hi Master Lee, agreed wif u tat crisis present buying opprty. So how to use “Art of War” to effect crisis mgmt to benefit both the rakyat n nation ?


Anyone out there keen to help out with these two queries ? Please input your answer(s) and comments thru’ the proper channel ok ?

Arigato n TQ in advance !                      .

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