A cheerful PM2B

             “A Cheerful Looking PM-2-B

MMC Corp, Puncak Niaga leads the way !

On the 29th January, 2009 (初四) while dinning at the Pelangi Driving Range (JB)’s “Man Han (Halal) Chinese Restaurant (满汉楼)” together with ShiXiongs ES Ang, ShaoKun Lim, David, our most respected Master Shifu and Shimu, I have made it a point to put up an article a week for all to read.



So here is a briefed of the “gist” on what transpired during the dinner that is of interest to all on “money talk”. As usual the conversation centers on Qigong, IT matters and the effects of the Global Financial Turmoils on Malaysian Equities. When we touch on the topic of  prediction of BURSA MALAYSIA’s direction, strategy and trends, I was asked which particular stock or stocks to look out for in the immediate term to which I said honestly, “Opportunities do exists during crisis (危机)”.



I said, I like stocks in the Health Care and Utilities sector and was asked to name a few of the stocks in these sectors that I would “buy” for the short to medium term and the “entry price” that is considered reasonable to make the purchase ! Oh, what a hard nut to crack isn’t it ? Guess my level of confidence was put to the test hoh (or was it mind training being unsuspectingly taught or imparted then?) as I was asked to write down on a piece of “angpow” paper, yes, both stocks and entry price ! Wahlaoeh, phew ! I said to myself then, what if the stocks written down do not perform (believe me, the word “what if” or “impossible” at that particular “moment” never had a “chance” at all ! Don’t ask me why ? It’s beyond explaination I would say, all that I can roughly says is that when your adrenaline surges and that you are overwhelmed, you never have a second thought ! Then again, the question of is it good or bad would be up in your mind, right ? Well, guess there’s no “right” and “wrong” here as it’s a matter of “perception” according to some ShiXiongs ! ) ? Well, enough said of these mambos and jumbos else it will bore you again. 



Now, since I am really excited, happy and inspired and somemore hoh, I am filled with confidence all over when I come to think of that “instant” now. It’s kind of funny (weird ?) then was that it never did cross my mind at all during that particular “moment” that I would or should worry about it (forecasting and predicting things correctly. Perhaps “LETTING GO” is well cultivated here, haha ! ) !

[Art Of Letting Go :]



Want to know what stocks I wrote down and the likely entry price ?

Yeah, yeah, yeah I know what’s in your mind, 马后炮 !



Well, anyway I wrote down on a piece of ripped “angpow” paper the following counters and their likely entry prices :


KPJ, buy close to RM2.50 ;

JAKS, buy < RM0.42 ;

PUNCAK, buy < RM2.60 and

KPS, buy <RM1.40 !


Hooray ! Hooray !  It’s UP, UP already !  Hooray ! 


Goodnite to all, have a nice dream ! 



Enjoy yourself, “click” here :


P/s : “I dreamt of KLCI trying 940 points and 990 points


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