This is a continuation from the previous topic on BRACING FOR HARDSHIP FROM CRISIS I 

So the next question that comes to mind on how to brace for the worst is how to find ways to boost or increase our income. To this question we must look at our financial capability or the risk factor that we can shoulder come what may. People are always looking for faster and quicker ways of making some sensible income as it’s part of their character or nature not that they are not taught on how to invest. It is this human factor called “greed instint” that mould a person irrespective of his or her prior training and up bringing. Some were even taught on the good values of life and received good education and all these are inculcated from young but obviously they succumbed to just a bite of the evil “APPLE” otherwise why do you think the decade old wise chinese adage that goes something like this : “While it took three (3) years to learn to be “GOOD”, all it takes is only one (1) day to make one “BAD” still holds !

Well, there are too many blogs and websites out there in cyberspace that talks and teaches us on the Fundamentals and other Technical Jargons on Investing which I will not touch on in this blog else it will be just another blog which may bored you guys. The category of Investors more suited to visit these type of blogs and websites are basically small or non risk takers.

So ok, let’s just look and examine some of the “riskier and faster” ways to make some fast income if possible.

For this category, these are the group of people who have “excess fund” (the quantum of the excess fund is individually tailored to their respective risk profile) to invest and are called risk takers. They are basically traders, speculators and short term investors but not classified as punters in a way. We do not need to dwell into the kind of of games that punters put their money in as the punting stuff are basically a game of chance and luck played normally in Casinos worldwide. Number forecast and lotteries are straight forward game of outcome which we will not discuss here but when it comes to prediction and divine intervention, then it may be worth a look into.

Riskier, faster and quicker

If there are any ?

I’m sure everyone of you have heard of the story of “B L A S H”.

Just in case you haven’t, here is how the story goes : There was once, a couple who have been looking and searching everywhere for a master who can teach them ways to win in the Equity Market. Through their journey, they have met with many masters who all claimed that they can help them make money by teaching them the fundamental and technical tools to trade the Equity Markets but these methods and technics were either too difficult or too cumbersome that they don’t measure up to their expectation. So, they keep on hunting and searching for that perfect master who would teach them the easiest of method or ways to make money ! One day in their quest, they met a blind fortune teller who proclaimed that his master who live the life of a hermit in a mountain cave in the Himalaya Range can teach them how. The blind fortune teller then lead the couple all the way to the mountain cave and was told to wait outside the cave braving the coldbites from the snow falls. After sometime, the blind fortune teller emerged from the cave and invited the couple in to meet the master while the blind fortune teller left them and waited outside the cave. It was dark inside the cave that the master’s presence was hardly felt let alone noticed but they were foretold earlier by the blind fortune teller, all that they need to do was to kneel down and “ASK” sincerely from their hearts what they wish for, as simple as that. So, on their knees the couple knelt before the Master and begged, Oh holy master, we have come from afar seeking your divine help and guidance on how to make money from the Equity Market and to which a coarse voice echoed, “B L A S H” ! What, I beg your pardon, master can you say it again ? Again the coarse voice echoed, “B L A S H” ! Scratching their heads as they couldn’t understand what it was all about, the couple requested the master to say it again. Now, the master’s coarse voice echoed louder than usual, “B L A S H”, “B L A S H”, “B L A S H” ! The coarse loud voice reaches the ear of the blind fortune teller waiting outside the cave who rushes in to usher the couple out of the cave and ask them what was going on inside the cave. After relating to him what had happened, both the couple and the fortune teller also could not decipher it !

So until today some smart alex have decoded it as “BUY LOW AND SELL HIGH” ! Haha !

                         ………………to be continue…………………….

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