It’s time to savour the Sarawak Counters and to SCORE with !

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[ CEMENT to cost 10% more come May 1]  ( latest news ! )

The price of bagged cement is due to rise by 10% to between RM15.50-RM16.50 per bag from May 1. Each bag weighs 50kg. Steel millers and cement manufacturers in Malaysia face higher production cost as world oil price has been on the rise. Master Builders Association of Malaysia (MBAM) president Ng Kee Leen said, “The cement manufacturers  have wanted to raise prices for the past year.” Builders are thinking of buying raw materials like cement from abroad as they are cheaper. Following this, MBAM said pricier steel bars and cement would mean costlier construction projects, be it government funded or jobs procured from property developers. (BT)


EMPURAU (Iban Language), the “Unforgetable” (Wang Pu Liau in Mandarin) and most expensive fish caught in the deep Borneo Rivers of Sabah and Sarawak is sold at an average price of RM1500 per kilogram at restaurants in the peninsula !


The pictures below from top clockwise show a wild Empurau caught followed by top right hand it being “slaughted and cleaned”, next down on the botton left shows the Empurau being cooked in Hong Kong Style (what a waste !) and bottom right picture shows a deep fried Empurau Scale “Keropok” ! Yummy ? You bet !

It was told that in the mid 70s when in a kampong in the Interior of Sabah where a VVIP Minister was present for a function & after that a big fest of local foods followed.

When the Empurau fish was served, the Minister even ate the scales but others from the peninsula just couldn’t do it and were told that they did not know how to appreciate good fish.

This type of fishes were caught in the Interior Rivers but not cooked in Chinese style but in kampong style.

The texture was very fine & sweet. ^_-   !     ^_-   !

It was said that the empurau comes from the same family as that of the kelah species that are found in Peninsula Malaya fresh water rivers but because of over fishing here, the bigger species of the kelah fish are close to extinction !

In Sarawak, the empurau is caught mostly by the natives from the Rejang,Baram,Limbang & Batang Ai rivers and was widely available in timber camps.

In the restaurants, the head of the fish would cost about RM 500-700 (the best part being just behind the gills) depending on the size.Empurau can reach up to 20 kg. It was sold at abt RM 200 per kilo but the natives at the timber camps would sell them for only RM 50 per kilo.

Some were eventually cultured but they have that fishy smell and their meat was tougher.

The ones caught from the Baram rivers have fine,creamy white flesh as they are always swimming against the current.. something salmon..

There are 3 species of empurau; empurau burak, empurau merah and empurau chelum.
It is sometimes mistaken for the semah.

In Peninsula Malaysia, up in Kuala Lumpur,

KL Restaurant Price Tag : RM1100 – RM1800 / KG

This Fish is around 3Kg

Enjoy and Savour !

^_-   !    ^_-   !

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