Feng shui tips for the year of the Tiger

 February, 2010

Feng shui tips for the year of the Tiger

The art of living with nature and harnessing its enormous powers for the benefit of mankind has long been the key of the human survival.

As science and technology advances, mankind began to learn the advantages of living harmoniously with nature and the disadvantages of going against its powers.

Thus, over thousands of years, the Chinese have practised the art of environology, otherwise known as geomancy or feng shui.

Environology is the science of harnessing nature’s powers through learning how to understand it, mimic it and living with it harmoniously, said feng shui master Joe Choo.

“Just like any living matter, if we go against it, it would react. If you go against nature, it would result in natural disasters.

“Feng Shui is not related to religion. If you refer to feng shui texts, there is no mention of religion or placement of furniture. The actual science does not involve having ornaments, but you can utilise living matters which exudes energy such as live plants, crystals or water features to enhance your living or work areas.

“These are natural energy forces, which can be used to harness nature’s positive energy and bring it into your living or work areas,” said Joe.

This year, the industries which would do well are those related to wood, water and fire, while earth and metal industries would face challenges.

Wood industries are those related to education, agriculture, forestry, horticulture, paper and pulp industry as well as furniture. Water industries are those related to river management , fisheries , shipping lines, travel and communications. Meanwhile, industries related to energy source, charitable activities, healthcare, hospitals, religion and unconventional businesses are classified as fire industries.

Metal industries are those related to finance (banking, wealth management, currencies and mint), shipyard, scrap metal and weapons.

Industries related to property, building infrastructure, spas, insurance and trust are classified as Earth industries.

“If you would like to harness the positive energies in the year of the Tiger, you should wear more green, red and blue, although the Chinese have this ‘pantang’, where if a man wears a green hat, it means that his wife’s having an affair!” said Joe with a laugh.



In feng shui, the positions of the planets also come into play. Tai-shui refers to the position of Jupiter, the largest of the nine planets.

During the ancient times, Jupiter is known as the yearly planet.

“It takes 12 years to complete its circle around earth. Being the biggest planet, its gravity creates a pulling and pushing effect, which creates negative energy. This year, it notches against the Tiger position.”

Because of the negative energy, Joe cautions those born in the year of the Tiger to be careful this year, as it will present more challenges for them. But all hope is not lost as the negative energy can be diffused.

“Just place a living plant, clear or white crystal or a water feature between 322.5° and 377.5° (northwest sector) in your home. This should help to diffuse the negative energy.”


Otherwise known as the ‘Three Killers’, these are the animal signs whose positions are on the opposite side of the animal sign of the year.

This year, the three killer signs are the Rat, Monkey and Dragon.

“Though the three killers are considered to be bad, the negative energy can be utilised to create great wealth. This year the three killers are situated at southwest 232.5°-247.5°, north 352.5°-7.5° and southeast 112.5°-127.5°.”

If your entrance is situated at any of the three directions, you may choose one of the following methods to neutralise the effect and reverse the bad to good.


“You can close the entrance and use another. Or you could place a movable partition at the door entrance, either on the outside or the inside. I would like to advise home owners whose doors are located between 352.5° – 7.5° (northeast centre) to attach a strip of wood or metal on top of the door frame to reduce the size of the door. This would diffuse challenges such as family quarrels, health issues, robberies and other problems,” said Joe.

Those who are born in the year of the Rat can place crystal, living plant or water feature at 32.5°- 37.5° in their house to diffuse the negative energy.

“If these steps are taken, it would help to enhance your life in the year of the Tiger,” said Joe.

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