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Happy Chinese New Year 2011

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

To all my friends and readers who celebrate Chinese New Year !

I wish you all,


Welcome year 2011, enter the “RABBIT” !

So how will the Equities Markets perform in this year of the “RABBIT” ?

The Rabbit is by nature gentle, harmless and therefore, lovable ! Even more lovable is this “Metal Rabbit” !

The Year of Rabbit is expected to start hopping at the beginning. Stock play are expected to be fast, quick and swift. Long term STOCKS with good earning potential and GROWTH STOCKS should be the main focus as they have less risk to investors ( Remember the story of the “Hare and the Tortoise” ? ).

Well, analysts nowadays are more versatile and more broking houses are using “Feng Shui” prediction to complement the usual orthorox methodology in Fundamental and Technical Analysis to pick Stocks !


CLSA-FSI-2011[1] – english version ( New ! )

CLSA-FSI-2011-chi[1] – chinese version ( New ! )

Cheers to all !

Auspicious Day to Start Work in 2011

Auspicious Day to Start Work in 2011