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The Making of the “New (2 in 1) Super Bull Run of Yesteryears” !

Friday, September 25th, 2009
Flashing Bull

2 in 1

2 in 1

Is it going to be the way I said in one of my earliest post ?


I have highlighted in one of my earliest posting in this blog that to win back the hearts of the majoritys mandate come the next GE, PM/FM DS Najib Tun Razak need to convincingly prove that he is the better FM compared to those former FM predecessors by doing and performing better than them with visible results !

Former Great FMs Tun Daim was there when the 1993 SUPER BULL RUN happened and FM DS Anwar Ibrahim was there when the 1995/1996 SECOND BOARD BULL RUN happened !



PM/FM DS Najib Tun Razak certainly must out do these two former great FMs to have a better chance of winning back the confidence of a great majority of the Countrys top Businessman and Industrialists to vote them in come next GE !

Guess what the Malaysian Equity Market perfoms now is exactly what I anticipate him to do !

The way those stocks that have been promoted from the 2nd board to the main board moves commencing from the middle of September this year have similarities that is reminiscence of the “1995/1996 SECOND BOARD BULL RUN” ! Starting with fast and short quick rally then comes “T+3” or “T+4”, Operators will ram them up again and those who play it the rollover way in such a scenario as in 1995/1996, makes very much more than those who bought and hold !

From April this year till now, it was noticed that the BULL RUN  generally was focused on selective main board counters which later turned broad based and later on the FBM KLCI 30 Big Cap Index Stocks seemed almost certain an “evergreen play”  which is reminiscence of the 1993 SUPER BULL RUN !

So, it looks to me that April, 2009 is the beginning of the “new Super Bull Run of yesteryear (1993)” and now are we witnessing the “new Second Board Rally of yesteryears (1995/1996)”  too ?

With the 2010 Budget coming up (to be tabled in Parliament on 23rd October, 2009) and with plenty of liquidities as in Fiscal Monetary Policy and the participation of Equinas, the Malaysian Equity Market is in for a good rally to break new highs not previously touched ! ( For update, Go here : government-to-pump-in-rm1b-monthly-till-2010 )

I anticipate this “BURSA MALAYSIAN RALLY” to continue well into the 1st Quarter of 2010 with short consolidation or correction !

Bursa Malaysia Expected Trend

Bursa Malaysia Expected Trend

Morphed into a Bull Elephant !

Morphed into a Bull Elephant !

For your ears only :


Enjoy !

Selamat Hari Raya !

Saturday, September 19th, 2009

To all my Muslim Friends and Readers in Malaysia and afar,

I wish you guys “SELAMAT HARI RAYA” ! 

Selamat Jalan dan Pandu Dengan Cermat bila “Balik Kampung” !

For those of you guys who missed out on collecting some “duit raya” earlier, another undervalued small cap counter to watch out for is “KOMARK” as lately, my observation tells me that the “now in play counters” other than the 30 new CI Big Cap Counters are all concentrated in the Ind-Prod Sector with par value of RM1/= per share ! With more news flow on the signing of MOUs, awarding of new contracts, crossing of big block of shares at high prices to the market,  possible  M&A’s, Privatisations and the latest report on the improvements in the third quarter IPI figures and improve forecast on the final quarter IPI figures by majority analysts and the relevant Ministries has set Insiders, Local Institutions and Players jumping in to snap up those undervalued Small Cap Ind-Prod Counters ! Those already in the news that have attracted these Players are counters like GBH, JETSON, INGRESS and TAMADAM. Movements were observed on Counters like CNASIA and SAPIND ! These Counters may present good “Short term Trading Opportunities” for fast bucks if you are observant enough ! So far many of these stocks have run up to approximately 70% of their respective “NTA” backing and par value easily even without strong news flow over few trading sessions !  Tips : A good indication on which counter(s) to watchout for are those undervalued ones where the Companies are buying back their own shares from the open market !


[As usual, the above written are the writer’s own opinion and observation and should not be construed as an act of solicitation to “buy” or “sell” such stocks. Readers trade at their own risk !  The above observation and opinion are just for further discussion on my earlier topics on “Short Term Risk Rewards” with minimum outlays !]

Formula One (F1), a booster to Proton Shares & Jetson (Naza) ?

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009


Tony Fernandes takes 1 Malaysia into Formula One

LONDON, Sept 15 — Formula One’s governing body today named Lotus as the 13th team for the 2010 championship. The new outfit will be led by Tony Fernandes of Malaysia, it was announced here.

In Kuala Lumpur, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak also confirmed the news and said the team will be known as the 1 Malaysia Formula One team, although Reuters quotes the FIA as calling the new outfit the Lotus F1 team.

According to Reuters, the new team is a partnership between the Malaysian government and a consortium of Malaysian entrepreneurs.

The FIA said the team principal will be leading Malaysian entrepreneur Tony Fernandes. The 45-year-old set up Asian budget airline Air Asia and, with a net worth of US$220 million (RM770.57 million), is Malaysia’s 15th richest man, according to Forbes Malaysia 2009 rich list.

Investors in the new team are Air Asia co-founders Datuk Kamarudin Meranun and Fernandes as well as SM Nasarudin SM Nasimuddin of Naza.

Technical director Mike Gascoyne has more than 20 years of experience in Formula One having previously performed the same role for the Force India, Toyota, Renault and Jordan Formula One teams.

As part of its application to compete in the 2010 championship, the Lotus team agreed an engine supply deal with Cosworth.

The team will initially be based in Norfolk, some 10 miles from the Lotus Cars factory in Eastern England.

The team’s future design, manufacturing and technical centre will be purpose built at Malaysia’s Sepang International Circuit, the FIA statement said.

1Malaysia is Najib’s platform for uniting Malaysians irrespective of ethnicity and creating a performance based culture.

The concept has gotten mixed reviews as some have praised its objectives while others have criticised its vagueness, which Najib says is deliberate.

The Malaysian government has gone on overdrive to promote 1Malaysia via billboards and song competitions.

Najib declined to disclose the amount that the public-private initiative will cost.

He added however that the government’s  investment will be via proton.

Lotus, one of the most successful and glorious names from Formula One’s past, will return next year replacing BMW-Sauber as the 13th entry on the starting grid.

The governing International Automobile Federation (FIA) said in a statement that, after due diligence and an intensive selection process, it had chosen Lotus.

“The cars will be made in Malaysia, by Malaysians,” the Malaysian government said in a separate statement.

The vacancy arose after BMW announced that they were withdrawing at the end of the season, following a path already trodden by Japan’s Honda.

The FIA said BMW-Sauber, who are still seeking a buyer, had been given a reserve slot to fill any vacancy that might occur between now and the start of the 2010 championship.

“The team will announce its two drivers by October 31, 2009. Currently six local and international drivers have been selected,” the Malaysian government said.

Three teams had been on the FIA shortlist for the 13th slot: Lotus, a BMW-Sauber entry to be renamed under eventual new ownership and Spain’s Epsilon Euskadi.

The original Lotus won seven Formula One constructors’ titles and six drivers’ crowns between 1963 and 1978 under the inspirational leadership of the late Colin Chapman, one of the most innovative engineers in the sport.

Chapman died of a heart attack in 1982 and the company slid into administration in 1994 after giving the late Brazilian Ayrton Senna his first victory in 1985.

British great Jim Clark spent his entire F1 career with Lotus, winning two titles. The team’s other champions include compatriot Graham Hill, Brazilian Emerson Fittipaldi and American Mario Andretti.

In 1970 the team’s Austrian driver Jochen Rindt became the sport’s only posthumous champion.

The right to the Lotus F1 name was acquired by David Hunt, brother of the 1976 champion James, while the British-based car company was bought by Malaysian  state-owned Proton.


  A model of the new 1 Malaysia team car unveiled today in Putrajaya. – Reuters pic

Proton-Lotus F1

                                    Proton-Lotus F1

Read here : 1malaysia-vrooms-into-f1-thru-proton