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Welcome News – Cost Savings in times of “Hardship”

Saturday, May 30th, 2009

It is heartening to have Major Corporations chipping in to complement the Government’s effort in promoting and encouraging her citizen to “spend” to provide liquidity to the economy as a way to help curb deepening recession. As we are already in a technical recession, every single effort by the rakyat other than the private and Government’s fiscal measures taken should not be spared.

Credit Cards

Credit Cards


Cash Rebate Credit Cards and Debit Cards at Hypermarket


Some of the credit cards and debit cards provide cash rebate when you purchase at the hypermarket. However as usual there are terms and conditions for that and some have the time limit. Below are the information of the hypermarket and the respective cash rebate credit cards or debit cards for it.


Tesco – RHB Credit Cards and Debit Cards

– 2% cash rebate


Giant – Citibank Credit Cards

– 2% cash rebate, maximum rebate RM600 per year.


Standard Chartered – Limited Edition ATM & Debit MasterCard from Saadiq$aver

– i account- 5% cash rebate on 7 major hyper/supermarkets up till 30 June 2009 (max. RM3,000 per month). Includes Tesco, Giant, Carrefour, Watson, The Store, Parkson and Jaya Jusco.


Standard Chartered – JustOne MasterCard Titanium


– 5% cash rebate on Friday and 2% cash rebate from Saturday to Thursday


Ambank – Ambank Credit Card 10% Cash Back Promotion on Wednesdays ending 31/08/09 


Ambank Credit Cards

Ambank Credit Cards



10 % cash back rebate on Wednesday and 5% cash back rebate on other days . Participating merchants Carrefour, Giant, Tesco, Jusco, Cold Storage and Mydin.


10% cash rebate from Ambank is the highest now. If you have those credit cards with you and the hypermarket is found within your area. Do keep in mind of these information as you will have some cash rebate for you purchase. It couldn’t be better to have promotions around at times of hardships due to Crisis and we need to utilize these promotions to the fullest. This is also part of personal finance management. However the cash rebate is calculated in blocks of RM50 for petrol and RM 100 for groceries. Each card member is only entitled to a maximum cash rebate of RM 50 per month. To enjoy this Ambank cash back promotion, you will need to SMS “Cashback your 16-digit-card no.” and send to 36663.


If you know other cards that provide the similar offer, do inform and information will be updated accordingly.


Adopting the Strategy for Maximization of Returns

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009


“A wise man invest for maximum returns while a trader only able to make enough for his/her own pockets, if he/she is “lucky” as one would liken to the phrase, “A monkey jumping in and out or swinging about from tree to tree will only made peanuts at the end” or the adage, “A rolling stone gathers no moss” ! Now, just “what and which Strategy or Strategies to adopt to maximize return on outlays” ?

I would like to share with all readers here my thoughts on the strategy that I think should be employed to capitalize on maximization of profits and returns. To do this, let me refresh your memory a little, in my first article published herein, I have used the “Organization and Management Chart” on the “Art of War” (reproduced below for your easy reference) and so the Strategy employed is called “ACTION THROUGH POSITIONING FOR MAXIMUM RETURNS OR PROFITS” !




High-level visits to boost Malaysia-Singapore ties

KUALA LUMPUR, May 17 – A flurry of visits between leaders from Malaysia and Singapore, beginning with the Prime Minister’s trip to the republic next week could result in landmark moves to bring Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) services to Iskandar as well as simplify border controls between both countries.

Government officials also believe that there could be progress in getting Singapore to support Malaysia’s plan to build a straight bridge to replace the Causeway, connecting Johor and Singapore. Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and a delegation of ministers are scheduled to visit Singapore on Thursday.

He is due to have a discussion with Singapore’s Premier Lee Hsien Loong.

In early June, Singapore’s veteran leader Lee Kuan Yew is expected to make one of the longest visits he has ever made to Malaysia.

Over 10 days, the Mentor Minister will visit Johor, Kuala Lumpur and Kelantan and several
other states.
He will meet politicians, editors and touch base with old friends in what is shaping up to be a trip down memory lane for the 85-year-old leader.

Malaysian government officials expect Lee Hsien Loong to visit Kuala Lumpur by the middle of the year.

Ties between both countries improved during the Abdullah administration after a testy period when Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was the prime minister but there remains deep suspicion among segment of Malaysians, particularly Umno politicians, over Singapore.

Some of this visceral sentiment is the result of historical baggage and a knot of unresolved bilateral issues while some of the antipathy is the result of intense competition between the two countries over the years, which has overflowed into the public domain.

But Najib after taking over as PM in April has made clear to government officials that he wants Malaysia to have a constructive relationship with all its neighbours and believes that Singapore can play a strong catalyst role in Iskandar Malaysia, one of the country’s new growth corridors.

The Malaysian PM also does not believe that it would help the country’s long-term economic and strategic interest if it allowed historical baggage to shape its foreign policy.
This less confrontational approach will underpin the administration’s move to upgrade its relations with the United States, a top partner in trade but a combatant on issues of human rights and Palestine.

Najib’s decision to strengthen ties with Singapore could upset Tun Mahathir. The former prime minister has been a trenchant critic on Singapore’s influence in Iskandar, saying that the project in Johor was a platform for Singapore to expand its sovereignty.

“In the end, the area in the Iskandar Malaysia will be filled with Singaporeans and populated with only 15 per cent Malays,” he said at a forum in May last year. He has also been campaigning for a revival of the plan to build a half-bridge, arguing that Malaysia does not need the permission of the republic to build in its own territory.

Several government officials told the Malaysian Insider that the government’s position is that if Iskandar is to become a global metropolis then all foreign investors must be encouraged to pour funds into the region or set up businesses.

And this welcoming approach should be the same for all foreign investors, regardless of whether they are from the Gulf Cooperation Countries or Singapore.

Singapore has indicated that it was keen to be involved in one or two iconic projects in Iskandar. More information on these projects could be released during the next few weeks.



May 17, 2009 00:30 AM

I Won’t Influence Govt Over Crooked Bridge – Dr Mahathir

PETALING JAYA, May 16 (Bernama) — Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said he would not influence the government to revisit the crooked bridge project.However, he said, he still hoped the bridge would be realised to overcome the congestion at the Johor Causeway.
“Although I believe there are no reasons why the project cannot proceed, the decision is not mine,” he told reporters in Subang Jaya Saturday.

He said that when the Johor Causeway was built, there was probably only a car for every 1,000 population.

“Now we have 10 million cars for the population of 27 million people.

“That is to say for every 2.7 person there is a car. So the traffic problem is getting more and more serious. If we don’t have proper facilities we will face congestion that is far worse,” he said.

On the mainstream media which was said to have lost the people’s confidence, Dr Mahathir said: “If the mainstream wants to be relevant, it has to rebuild their confidence. Just publish the truth and make proper analysis based on the truth.

“Don’t always see the political angle,” he said.


Now, from the above news we have a “BIG PICTURE VIEW”  that provides us with the “KNOWLEDGE, VISION AND CATALYST” and these helps us take the necessary “ACTION” to “POSITION” for maximum returns or profits !

“ACTION” THROUGH POSITIONING” :  Prepare the necessary funds to invest and research to buy and keep the selected STOCKS for maximum returns and profits. Questions like which Stocks to benefit from the construction of  a “BRIDGE” and/or “MRT” in Johor Bahru Ring area, which Stocks to benefit from the massive infrastruture revolution to follow from the “MRT” Construction and downstream activities in “ISKANDAR” and the various “CORRIDORS” Nationwide ?  “MRT”  and   “INFRASTRUCTURE” uses a lot of “STEEL” products !  Which Sectors will benefit most ?  These are the questions required in “ACTION” to “POSITIONING” for maximum returns !  To have a clearer picture of how to “ACT”, if you are down in Johor Bahru for the weekend, you may want to pop into the “JB CITY SQUARE SHOPPING COMPLEX” to view and ask any questions you may have on the developments slotted for  the “ISKANDAR REGION” !  Remember, all you need to do is “ASK” !

Set your price targets to “SELL” your stocks when your targets met !

Targets  :  Making more $$$ or buy a nice “CAR” like below :

 RM190,000 OTR !

Players ! Are You Lost ?

Friday, May 15th, 2009

Many of us have often times forgotten these phrases, “Seek and you will find” and “Ask and you will get a reply” ! Forgetting how to “Let Go”, still ? 

Well, few “friends” have asked the same Multi Million Dollar Question,” Which direction is Bursa Malaysia heading” ?

Well, I like to attach this piece of article below to rest your mind a bit :

“Chinese Premier Wen Jia Bao” has commented that ‘ Confident is more important than Gold’, when referring to measures taken to resolve Financial Crisis.

Same goes to Stock Market.

A rally will resume after a pause, if the investor/punter have faith on the stock market. The investing attitude of the investor will determine the direction of the market.

Will you dump your stock if the market go down ? or
You will hold your stock for the ‘Value’, not the price.

We need not fear a Market Correction or Consolidation, the positive factors that contributed to RALLY such as market liquidity, year end economy recovery still intact.

Every rally will have correction, rally will resume after a pause.

* This just an opinion for your reading !

^_^ !

Good Luck !  

Today is “WESAK DAY” !

Saturday, May 9th, 2009

Wesak Day Celebration


in: Buddhism


This year, Buddhists celebrated Wesak Day on May 09, 2009 which marks three momentous events in Buddha’s life – his birthday, enlightenment and achievement of Nirvana. The celebration begins at dawn when devotees gathering at the temples to meditate on the Eight Precepts. Donations, giving food to the needy, offering of incense, lights, flowers, joss sticks and prayer are carried out.


The display a small image of the baby Buddha in front of the altar in a small basin filled with water and decorated with flowers, allowing devotees to pour water over the statue; it is symbolic of the events following the Buddha’s birth, when devas and spirits made heavenly offerings to him.


At Lonsang Dragpa Centre, the Bathing of Buddha was held at 10am followed Refuge Ceremony.


Wesak Day Celebration Photos

Wesak Day Celebration Photos


Wesak – National Holiday In Malaysia.





Apart from the numerous resolutions adopted by the World Conference of the W.F.B., the Buddhist Fraternity in Malaysia, in 1961, in drafting a petition to the Malaysian Government to declare Wesak Day as a National Holiday for Malaysia, submitted lengthy arguments, which inter-alia, reads as follows:-



“In carrying out the said resolution, your humble Petitioners crave your indulgence in giving this humble Petition your very sympathetic consideration for Wesak full-moon day to be declared a Public Holiday every year in the Federation of Malaya. In the past there was no unanimity among the Buddhists in Malaya with regard to the Day to be set apart for commemorating the Birthday of Lord Buddha; some observing the 8* day of the Fourth (Chinese) Moon and others the full-moon day (i.e. 15th Day) of the Fouth Moon. This lack of unanimity has militated against a joint appeal for this holiday hitherto. In the terms of the said resolution, all Buddhists throughout the Federation have now agreed to commemorate Lord Buddha’s Birthday on the Wesak Full-Moon Day (i.e. the full-moon day in the month of May) and it has also been agreed that ceremonies at the Buddhist Temples will be performed on that day. “Wesak Day is the holiest of all Buddhist holy days and embraces a three-fold commemoration – the day Lord Buddha was born, the day he received Full Enlightenment and the day on which He attained Pari-Nibbana, i.e. the day on which He passed from this life. This threefold commemoration day is universally observed by Buddhists with great veneration.The laity especially sets aside this day in performing acts of merit such as giving alms to the poor, making offerings to the temples, reciting surras, meditating, listening to preaching and observing the precepts”.



However, whilst a country-wide campaign was being launched to obtain signatures from all leading Buddhists in support of the Petition, our Government magnanimously agreed to declare Wesak Day as a National Holiday with effect from 1962.




PM Malaysia celebrating Wesak Day with Buddhist
PM Malaysia celebrating Wesak Day with Buddhist 09/05/09

  [“MUST” SEE]


Here, I wish all believers of Buddhism “A VERY HAPPY & JOYOUS WESAK DAY” !






Tomorrow is “MOTHER’S DAY” !

So wish All Mothers the World over,  a very “HAPPY & JOYOUS MOTHER’S DAY” !

And here is a dedication to all Mothers :

Enjoy ! 




How Long can a “Stimulated BULL” run ?

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

And that’s a Million Dollar Question !

I don’t have the answer but inspiration tells me that a “Stimulated Bull” got stronger legs and stamina (Government Sukuk Bond, PNB’s Amanah Malaysia & Amanah Wawasan 2020 provides the much needed “stimulants”) ! The stimulated Bull will respond well to the action of the “Bull Fighter” or “Matador” ! [To be honest, Fundamentals & Technicals may not be as useful as it should in times of Globally induced “Crisis” !]

Nationalisation works where others (Fundamentals and Technicals as the “Orthodoxes”) failed !

The "Good" Matador Stimulating the Bull !

The "Good" Matador is seen Stimulating the "BULL" !

In Bursa Malaysia and in the name of “National Interest”, the Matador belongs to the EPF Syndicate often termed as the “Good Syndicate” and their played Counters/Stocks are easily predicted ! Most of these Stocks are the GLCs !

Below are highlights of two (2) of the EPF’s active stocks which are worth to look at (at your own risks, ok) ! 


KLCI Technical Chart is a "GOOD" Guide to your "Investment Decision Making" !

KLCI Technical Chart is a Good Tool to assist you in your Investment Decision Making Process ?



The index could revisit the immediate target of 1,050/1,060 soon.
Immediate support is now seen near the 980 level.


*Genting (3182)

Support: IS = RM4.60

Resistance: IR = RM5.15 R1 = RM6.00 R2 = RM6.80

(Macquaire has a price target of RM7.50 on “GENTING BERHAD”) 

Malaysian Resources Corp (1651)

Support: IS = RM1.10

Resistance: IR = RM1.33 R1 = RM1.60 R2 = RM1.90


Ranhill (5030)

Support: IS = RM0.79

Resistance: IR = RM0.94 R1 = RM1.06 R2 = RM1.27


*Resort World (4715)


Support: IS = RM2.56 S1 = RM2.43 S2 = 2.21
Resistance: IR = RM2.68 R1 = RM2.96 R2 = RM3.20 R3 = RM3.60


●名勝世界 Resort : Overweight



自去年11月宣佈以6900萬美元(2億4978萬令吉)全面收購美國公司Bromet和Digital Tree股權計劃以來,名勝世界股價在外資拋壓下迄今已下挫18%,外資持股比重從2008年首9個月的40%跌至去年12月杪的33%。



Notes :

            (1) Marked with an “*” are non EPF Counters

            (2) You may watch for the “Pullback or “Quick correction” at 

                 around the 990 points or thereabouts to make your entry

                should there be one as PM’s Hundred Day’s KPI so

                far so good ! No “Black mark” OK ! We “1Malaysia” !