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Wow ! It’s Overwhelming, Structured Islamic Sukuk Bond !

Saturday, April 18th, 2009

Saturday April 18, 2009

Savings bond increased by another RM2.5bil


KUALA LUMPUR: The Finance Ministry has increased the amount of Sukuk Simpanan Rakyat because of the overwhelming public response.

The ministry added another RM2.5bil to the savings bond using the allocation of the second batch.

The first batch of the RM2.5bil Islamic bond was fully subscribed two days after it was opened for sale on Tuesday.

The bond is part of the Government’s RM60bil stimulus package providing a return of 5% per year, double the current fixed deposit rates. It is opened for Malaysians aged 21 and above.

The bonds – with a minimum allocation of RM1,000 and maximum RM50,000 – has a maturity period of three years but account holders can withdraw their money at any time.

Applications can be made at any commercial banks in the country, on a first-come-first-served basis, until May 13.

For details, call Bank Negara at 1300-88-5465 or visit and



April 17, 2009 17:22 PM

Najib To Personally Monitor Implementation Of Stimulus Packages

KLANG, April 17 (Bernama)– Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said on Friday he would personally monitor on a weekly basis every aspect of the economic stimulus packages implementation and the state of the Malaysian economy.

“I will be swift to take necessary remedial action should the need arises,” the prime minister said when opening the 63rd annual general meeting of the Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry Malaysia (ACCCIM).

Najib said he understood that the business community still had some concerns on the effectiveness of the economic revival plans.

He said ACCCIM President Tan Sri William Cheng had told him that the business environment was still dictated by poor performance and uncertainties.

The prime minister also assured that the government would periodically re-examine electricity tariffs and prices of natural gas as he was well aware on the concerns of the private sector on energy cost and its implications on industrial production.

The government also had to protect the interests of all the parties involved, be they energy users or providers, said Najib, who is also Finance Minister.

Najib said the present government had always implemented business-friendly policies for the good of the nation.

“When businesses thrive, the government can collect more revenue in taxes and the money will be used to provide services to the people.

“As such, I will hold true to the government policy of being pro-business. This is my pledge as the Prime Minister of Malaysia to Malaysians from all walks of life, but this brings me a question, if the government has always demonstrated its pro-business policies, shouldn’t the business community return the favour?” he asked.

The prime minister said business and industrial players in Malaysia should not rely on productivity alone to succeed in their ventures but must pair productivity with creativity.

“Increased efforts in the same direction or approach will not necessarily bring about desired results. Hence, it is important that creativity accompanies productivity.

“In order to be creative, we must always be willing to think outside the box of known realities and constraints.

“Once creativity becomes part of the Malaysian culture, the platform has been laid for the country to develop innovation-based economy.

“Innovation will add further value to the transformation into a knowledge-based economy that is well in place.

“For this to happen, innovation has to be part of the production pipeline, manufacturing a steady stream of products and services that are continuously enriched with innovation.

“This also means producing better products that are designed better,” he said.

Najib also urged Malaysian manufacturers to move away from the “Made-in-Malaysia” label to develop a “Designed in Malaysia” brand.

He said added value in products must be amplified by high value like birds’ nests and ornamental fish industries.

“I’m sure there are many more opportunities out there in other industries waiting to be explored and commercialised,” he added.

– bernama



Friday, April 17th, 2009

THE OLD PROTON LOGO :                              

The "OLD" Logo

The Old Logo



The NEW Logo

The NEW Logo




Now, he’s back ! No, his “SUN” is back and shinning on “PROTON”, the National Car !


The Proton Connections

The Proton Connections


Go here to view details on the price(s) of “PROTON”  :

Recession as we understood, refers to two(2) consecutive quarters of Negative(-) growth of a Country’s GDP [ To understand GDP, go here : and here : 

Now, to overcome Recession from Global Financial Crisis, Countries must NEED to maintain or boost her GDP from turning NEGATIVE at the very least.

It’s a GLOBAL CRISIS, so we do not have to feel ashame of the term, “to each their own” for now ! It is the time to think “NATIONAL” WHICH EVERY COUNTRY IS DOING JUST RIGHT NOW as there are no other better way in sight as of now !

Never mind the criticism on the doom of open border trades and that globalization have to take a back seat for now. It’s basically every nation for themselves for now !

[ Recalling that just after being given the job of “The Secretary of State of America”, Hillary Clinton immediately got right down to work which took here to various Countries Worldwide to seek assistance and assurance to help shore up her Country’s Economy ! She even kind of ‘begged’ China to continue to buy American Bonds (Debentures and Loan Stocks, something like the Lehman types of Collapse Secondary Papers ?? ^grin^ ) too ! ]

So Nationalisation indeed to boost our Country’s GDP is at work at Proton (manufacturing it’s way to helping Malaysia shoring up her GDP) !
So, let’s do the maths !
2,000 to 2,500 MPVs per month to be sold not to mention sales on other model of the Proton family of vehicles too. Two(2) models of MPVs, one sold at RM69,000+ and the other at RM75,000+. As a rough estimate, let’s just say average revenues of RM175Million will be added to our Country’s Monthly Revenues collected and that adds up to over RM2.1B in yearly revenues from Proton alone that goes to help Malaysia’s GDP figure substaintially too !
So the rakyat of Malaysia must also help out to improve our Country’s GDP figures by keeping and spending our RINGGITS domestically on Malaysian produce ! For vehicles, think “PROTON” and buy “PROTON” !
Support your Country, Malaysia


Friday, April 10th, 2009

So it is !  A very good friday afternoon indeed !

At 2.35 pm today, the KL Composite Index breached 940 points !

942.40 to be exact !  Hurray !  My dream comes true !

Next target  ?  Haha  !  You know what ! Now, everyone seems to know that the KLCI should be slowly and surely on it’s way to breach the previous highs (bearing unforseen circumstances) !  It is no secret that during the last few change of guards in both the Government (especially in a new PM or a new Finance Minister), KLSE bourse will experience a long bull run ! To view data, go here :



So it’s a long “BULL RUN” on the go ?  Yes ?  No ?


Check out here :


What is it like on the Global Front ?

International Markets are basically dictated by the Happenings in the Market of the World’s Largest Economy, the US ! So let’s us guess and predict how the US Market will be performing or progressing the months ahead, go here : ( ) to check it out !


Which “BULL” do you like ?


Charging Bull

Charging Bull


A load of BULL

A load of BULL


Out of controlled BULL

"Out of controlled" BULL

Hehe !

Good luck guys and happy trading !

P/s : To view list of DS Najib linked Counters, Go here :

To view “Forbes World Ranking of Malaysian PLCs”,      Go here :


My kind of  A  “BULL” :

Raring to charge "BULL"


An economic advisory council aimed at reviving and reforming the country’s economic system will be set up, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said today.

He said the council, which would report to him directly, would be the top priority of the government in its initiatives to seek solutions to economic and financial woes and implement long-term plans towards reforming the economy.

The council would serve as an independent body that provides expert advice to the government to steer the nation through the current challenging global economic landscape and help develop innovation-based economic fundamentals, he said.

“As such, I will consider this noble initiative to reform our nation’s economy with the help and expertise of a proven experienced team to work for the country’s interests,” he said when announcing his new Cabinet line-up televised live from Putrajaya.

Najib, who retained the Finance Minister portfolio, said the council chairman is of minister status. (This is very very important as professionals in their respective fields will do the best in their playground !) 

– Bernama

PM DS Najib Tun Razak

PM DS Najib Tun Razak

MCA President Swearing In

MCA President Swearing In

and the “moment” after the sworning in ceremony belongs to this man, 

Thank you Papa, I luv U

Thank you Papa, I luv U !


What's in a NAME ?

     What’s in a NAME ?

     Now, U  “GUESS”  ?

   and that’s my “BET” !

Rakyat, I heard U Loud and Clear ! How about U guys ?

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

I was riled by comments of not being direct enough in my writings and I was accused of straying instead of getting straight to the point ! Many commented that I seems to suppress own sentiment when I am about to make a straight point but rather played it diplomatically just about when…… (am I trying to be creative ?? haha ! )


Well, let me put it simply, “responsible writing” cannot have elements of “emotion” !


Ok, ok !


So you want me to comment specially on the political climate in Malaysia right now after the outcome of the tri by-elections and in particular it’s impact on our Equity Markets, right ? [ Your contenton that Politics and Business are intertwined is noted ]


Well, I will make it an exception just once here and hope it helps. The final decision making is still yours !


My personal point of view :



In my earlier postings in the blog, I have included words like :  ” state of denial”, “charities begins at home”, “maturity of electorates”, “winds of change”, “nationalisation”, “globalisation”, “greed”, “arrogance”, “aggressive”, “tyranny behaviour”, “letting go”, “posessive”, and excetera. Suggestive as it maybe but “I, no Kong Ming, Zhuge Liang” as “I, Lige Liang”(direct translation from Madarin ? Hanyu Pingyin ? Gua tak tahu pun, gua tak pergi Sekolah Cina masa Kecil, rugi loh sekarang, kesian loh gua !).



I like to quote this famous phrase, “BAGI SALAH, TAK BAGI KALAH” which has since 08032009 been replaced by the more apt phrase, “BAGI TAK BAGI PUN SERUPA, IAITU KALAH” !


Another Paragraph that must be noted with interest which I requote here for your easy reading is by one of the World’s proven and renowned Trader in non other than  JIM ROGERS”,


World renowned Financial Guru/Trader


“The Malaysian economy is natural resource-based so you are in a better position than many countries. And therefore, your currency is better positioned than other currencies,” Rogers said at the Asian Financial Forum.


“My main problem with Malaysia is that your politicians don’t seem to get it right. It’s a fabulous country and it should have a fantastic future. Get politicians who understand how the economy works and adapt and adjust. Malaysia should be and could be a wildly successful and rich country”, he commented.



The results of the just concluded tri by-election told one important message and that is very clear from my point of view :


Winners : RAKYAT

Losers    : None

Message :


From the rakyat to whoever (individuals and parties included) triumphed in any election or by election, it doesn’t matter. This person must be clean, creditable, accountable, of good character, have good disposition, honest, not arrogant, knowledgeable, ready to serve, sincere and transparent in his dealings. All elected candidates must fullfilled promises made as you are closely monitored (in other words under surveillance !). Now remember this, the closeness of the election results show that the winner could go eitherway and if the rakyat are not satisfied by the performance of the elected candidate during his tenure, they may vote you out the next time !


Impact on Bursa Malaysia :


With Politics (no more by-elections) out of the way for at least now, the promises made earlier by the Sixth PM of Malaysia DSN, must go full swing with immediate effect if he is serious about getting back the voters confidence in preparing for the next General Election ! PM DSN should take immediate action now to prepare well ahead of the next General Election if he is to win and retain the Federal Government. All he has to do now is all ears and listen to the ground and try as much as possible to appease the rakyat and local investors by not letting the country’s economy from falling deeper into recession ! Remember this adage hoh, “Charity begins at Home” ! So taking care of the rakyat’s need takes priority ! Worst case scenario, GO Nationalisation and back to basics !  


PumpPriming from the mini budget stimuli packages must be continuous with minimum/or no let ups. With these measures in the works, Malaysian equities should be kept buoyant and so too are the soon to be issued Government Guaranteed Islamic Bonds and other Government backed Bond Investment Instruments which may be lucrative to those who have no appetites for the riskier equity instruments.


Bursa Market to trend Upwards ?

Bursa Market to trend Upwards ? Stocks linked to DSN : view "Forbes World Ranking of Malaysian PLCs", go here : So far the "CLSA's 2009 Feng Shui Chart" looks good, no wonder they are the "Top rated Independent Investment House" in Asia !



5% Tax Free Profit on your “CASH” is here !

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009
RM25B Sukuk Islamic Bond from Bank Negara

Bank Negara

Sukuk Simpanan Rakyat 2009

Quick Facts
SSR 01/2009

Offer Period
14 April to 13 May 2009Issue Date
14 May 2009Profit margin
5% p.a.

Ministry of Finance wishes to announce the issuance of Sukuk Simpanan Rakyat 01/2009 amounting to RM2.5 billion on 14 May 2009. This is the first issue of the two series of 3-year RM2.5 billion sukuk each in 2009. Bank Negara Malaysia has been appointed to issue the sukuk on behalf of the Government.

The sukuk, which will be scripless and based on Shariah principles, is an additional investment instrument for Malaysian citizens who are 21 years and above. The RM2.5 billion sukuk, which has a 3-year tenure, offers a return of 5% per annum and provides the flexibility for early redemption before the maturity date.

Those wishing to subscribe may apply for Sukuk Simpanan Rakyat 01/2009 during the sales period, commencing from 14 April to 13 May 2009.

The minimum investment in Sukuk Simpanan Rakyat 01/2009 is RM1,000 with a maximum of RM50,000 per investor. The maximum aggregate holdings per investor for the two series of Sukuk Simpanan Rakyat 2009 is RM50,000. Sukuk Simpanan Rakyat 01/2009 can be subscribed at all commercial banks, including Islamic banks, Bank Kerjasama Rakyat Malaysia Berhad, Bank Simpanan Nasional and Bank Pertanian Malaysia Berhad. The allocation of Sukuk Simpanan Rakyat 01/2009 is based on a first-come first-served basis. Successful applicants will be notified by their agent banks. Profit payments will be made on a quarterly basis through the sukuk holders’ accounts with their agent banks.


Agents of Sukuk Simpanan Rakyat


The Sukuk Simpanan Rakyat that is open for sale starting from 14 April are available at all branches of the following financial institutions :



Commercial Banks



01. Affin Bank

02. Alliance Bank

03. Ambank

04. Bangkok Bank

05. Bank of America

06. Bank of China

07. Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi

08. CIMB Bank

09. Citibank

10. Deutsche Bank

11. Eon Bank

12. Hong Leong Bank

13. HSBC Bank

14. J.P. Morgan Chase

15. Maybank

16. OCBC Bank

17. Public Bank

18. RHB Bank

19. Standard Chartered Bank

20. The Bank of Nova Scotia

21. The Royal Bank of Scotland

22. United Overseas Bank



Islamic Banks



01. Affin Islamic Bank

02. Alliance Islamic Bank

03. AmIslamic Bank

04. Asian Finance Bank

05. Bank Islam Malaysia

06. Bank Muamalay Malaysia

07. CIMB Islamic Bank

08. EONCAP Islamic Bank

09. Hong Leong Islamic Bank

10. HSBC Amanah Malaysia

11. Kuwait Finance House

12. Maybank Islamic

13. OCBC Al-Amin Bank

14. Public Islamic Bank

15. RHB Islamic Bank

16. Standard Chartered Saadiq



Development Financial Institutions



01. Bank Kerjasama Rakyat

02. Bank Simpanan Nasional

03. Agrobank



It seems that you are able to subscribe to the Sukuk Simpanan Rakyat at all the banks in Malaysia not limited only to the local banks.