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Saturday, January 31st, 2009


Will the Equity Markets be as predicted above ?  “Click” on Chart above to enlarge. To find out details on how will your “LUCK” turn out to be (if you’re a believer) in the “Ox” Year, go to Blogroll on the right hand side and “CLICK” on the title “CLSA Feng Shui Index 2009 Guide”  to find out about it ?

From the chart above, it looks like the “Ox” will make it’s present felt when it sprint’s out from the starter’s order on the 4th February, 2009 (Li Chun,  Start of Spring) as the “Rat” will formally “exit” it’s reign on midnight 3rd February, 2009 of the Chinese Calender Year ! 

As to what stocks to look at, guess we have already seen the “rehearsal” the past few weeks (top 30 counters by volume) and those were still be the counters to watch out for trading and it’s going to be a “fast in” and “fast out” game to play though. 

See $ take $, hopefully !


And don’t forget the date : Friday the Sixth (6th) February, 2009 hoh, where S$10 Million is waiting for the rightful owner to claim hoh ! 

买多多 中多多 $ !



Hehe ! 

“GOD OF WEALTH” to bring us “LUCK” & FORTUNE” in abundance ! 

A Man of Determination

Horse Races

Superb Horse Racing


Please Note :

Many Chinese horoscope sites determine people’s Chinese astrological sign by the Chinese New Year’s day. In Chinese astrology calendar, the first day of the year isn’t the Chinese New Year’s day, is the day of    Start of Spring, which is the first day of the Tiger month. That means some people were born in January or February might be given a different answer from different Chinese astrology or horoscope sites. 

Also, In Chinese astrology, the animal sign represents a person is from their birthday, not the birth year. We tell people’s animal sign using their birthday and use the statement like “You are a Tiger and were born in year of Dragon”. 

To find your horoscope sign, you can send in your particulars through the comments and I will help you with the details.  


Sunday, January 25th, 2009

The Key to Winning

Money talks 3

One Million Dollar

money talks 2

Money talks 1

Money money money

no money no talk


Sunday, January 25th, 2009

Pictures from top left and clockwise : (1) An “Unorthodox” approach  (2) The Legendary Sun Tzu (3) Very Difficult Situation [present day Global Financial Crisis] (4) “Art of War” applied to suit the existing condition (4) Employment of “Aggressive Solution”

As the year 2009 belongs to the “Earth Ox” and is considered “YING” in nature and are thus generally perceived as the causes of Worldwide disasters and turmoil.         

In order to counter these predominant predatory nature of Ying forces, believers will generally look and take  to the path of cultivation and practices that are considered “YANG” in nature to bring about a balance as was contained and written in the annals which forms the basis to the foundation of “YINGYANG” Theory.   

With the current financial turmoil affecting world economies and it seems that the orthodox ways of solving the crisis are not making much headroom (as highlighted by the many Gurus of financial markets in the likes of Jim Rodgers, Warren Buffet and others), other unorthodox ways must be employed to tackle it within the shortest possible time.

Click link to listen –   (1)    \”We are the World\”  [United We Survive]

                                   (2)     \”Heal the World\”

BULL or BLUES Ahead ?

Sunday, January 25th, 2009
An investor pondering whether it's going to be Wall Street "Bull" or "Blues" ahead in the year of the Earth Ox !

An investor pondering whether the "Ox" year ahead is going to bring in the Wall Street BULL or BLUES ?

As the Ox enters the new year 2009, Equity Markets Worldwide are expected to move up in the earlier quarter of the New Year. After hibernating, resting and/or spelling for a good 12 years, like race horses when returning from spells (being fresh, they are as fit as a fiddle) will most likely to do well. These animals will most likely jump out from the barrier (on opening bell to signal the beginning of trading on Stock Markets) and lead the field in a sprinting race on starter’s order. As the January and Chinese New Year Effects are still on, do expect those related counters to be played up again !

To watch video on Buffalo Racing, just click here :  Buffalo Racing in Malaysia 

In Malaysia, Buffalo racing are commonly held in the East Malaysian States of Sabah and Sarawak in the Island of BORNEO in conjunction with the festival celebration of the various tribes of population there. So, Buffalo do Sprint too, right ?

Wishing all readers and visitors, “A Very Happy & Prosperous Bull Year ahead”!

Sunday, January 25th, 2009
Praying for good tidings to usher Ox year Wishing for a Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year

Picture (1) above : Chinese ushering the Ox year praying for good tidings ahead !                                      

Click on link to listen to music and song

Picture (2) below : “Wishing for a Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year, 2009” !

Click on link to hear Hockien CNY Song

Go with the Flow or Trend ( Continuation Series on 觉他 )

Sunday, January 18th, 2009

Well, the results of the KT election is out and the rakyat has spoken and it seems that the “winds of change” is still strong enough to uproot whatever that is in the way until it arrived at it’s “Destination” !   

So what now, Barisan National or to be exact UMNO ? What went wrong, something must be terribly wrong somewhere and definitely you guys know about it and just refused to let go of it. We all know that “letting go” is always the hardest thing to do and worst still is the biggest mistake made by a person which also represents the saddest thing in life ever made, by clinging on to it like a leech. Still in a state of denial ? Oh, how pathetic it is ! It’s time to wake up, man ! Which category do BN (UMNO) want to be in ? A Party that still want to make things happen or a Party that is willing to take a back seat and waits for things to happen ? Guess BN (UMNO) no longer has an option now.

My point of view :

What the ruling government (UMNO and its component Parties in BN) need to do now is a “complete makeover” of it’s machineries from top to bottom, injecting of fresh new faces with enough knowledge and experience in their respective fields of specialty or in other words, a specialist of good character, virtues and must embrace,  practice and observe the elements of “cleanliness” and “accountability” in the forms of good corporate governance, be not greedy, possess impartiality, transparency, trustworthiness and most important of all, be not arrogant but people friendly !

Now, to do all these will definitely takes time and this is the “one million ringgit question” that the ruling government “must” answer and what better way to do it is through doing good “deeds” and plenty of it too, not just “words” if they are serious about winning back the rakyat’s mandate ! There are still enough time to the next “General Election”, so the ruling government especially UMNO being the BN component party leader must start walking the talks and not just talking the works which has always been the case in the past and these they must learn and do it fast !

Major issues that are considered obsolete and not benefitting the rakyat as a whole (meaning Malaysian, irrespective of colors or races) must be addressed fast too. What era are we in now ? We’re no longer in the stone age and even hypothesis and theories that are previously cast in stone were reviewed and rewritten with the changing times to suit the situation. We must all move forward to embrace these changes else we will be left behind and become irrelevant. It is my believe that the rakyat are generally a compassionate and forgiving lot as can be seen from the recent generosity that they shown through their contribution to the donation drives organized for the Palestinian Cause. Do not be disheartened, do not dwell on the KT setback, it’s over, put that chapter behind you as you are still the ruling government, move on and speed your efforts to making the necessary changes and improvement for the betterment of the rakyat and nation. Address all major issues affecting Malaysians from all walks of life now and when the time comes on the next Call for the people’s mandate, you will have a better chance to secure a bigger majority to rule again !    



Monday, January 5th, 2009
This is a continuation from the previous topic on BRACING FOR HARDSHIP FROM CRISIS I 

So the next question that comes to mind on how to brace for the worst is how to find ways to boost or increase our income. To this question we must look at our financial capability or the risk factor that we can shoulder come what may. People are always looking for faster and quicker ways of making some sensible income as it’s part of their character or nature not that they are not taught on how to invest. It is this human factor called “greed instint” that mould a person irrespective of his or her prior training and up bringing. Some were even taught on the good values of life and received good education and all these are inculcated from young but obviously they succumbed to just a bite of the evil “APPLE” otherwise why do you think the decade old wise chinese adage that goes something like this : “While it took three (3) years to learn to be “GOOD”, all it takes is only one (1) day to make one “BAD” still holds !

Well, there are too many blogs and websites out there in cyberspace that talks and teaches us on the Fundamentals and other Technical Jargons on Investing which I will not touch on in this blog else it will be just another blog which may bored you guys. The category of Investors more suited to visit these type of blogs and websites are basically small or non risk takers.

So ok, let’s just look and examine some of the “riskier and faster” ways to make some fast income if possible.

For this category, these are the group of people who have “excess fund” (the quantum of the excess fund is individually tailored to their respective risk profile) to invest and are called risk takers. They are basically traders, speculators and short term investors but not classified as punters in a way. We do not need to dwell into the kind of of games that punters put their money in as the punting stuff are basically a game of chance and luck played normally in Casinos worldwide. Number forecast and lotteries are straight forward game of outcome which we will not discuss here but when it comes to prediction and divine intervention, then it may be worth a look into.

Riskier, faster and quicker

If there are any ?

I’m sure everyone of you have heard of the story of “B L A S H”.

Just in case you haven’t, here is how the story goes : There was once, a couple who have been looking and searching everywhere for a master who can teach them ways to win in the Equity Market. Through their journey, they have met with many masters who all claimed that they can help them make money by teaching them the fundamental and technical tools to trade the Equity Markets but these methods and technics were either too difficult or too cumbersome that they don’t measure up to their expectation. So, they keep on hunting and searching for that perfect master who would teach them the easiest of method or ways to make money ! One day in their quest, they met a blind fortune teller who proclaimed that his master who live the life of a hermit in a mountain cave in the Himalaya Range can teach them how. The blind fortune teller then lead the couple all the way to the mountain cave and was told to wait outside the cave braving the coldbites from the snow falls. After sometime, the blind fortune teller emerged from the cave and invited the couple in to meet the master while the blind fortune teller left them and waited outside the cave. It was dark inside the cave that the master’s presence was hardly felt let alone noticed but they were foretold earlier by the blind fortune teller, all that they need to do was to kneel down and “ASK” sincerely from their hearts what they wish for, as simple as that. So, on their knees the couple knelt before the Master and begged, Oh holy master, we have come from afar seeking your divine help and guidance on how to make money from the Equity Market and to which a coarse voice echoed, “B L A S H” ! What, I beg your pardon, master can you say it again ? Again the coarse voice echoed, “B L A S H” ! Scratching their heads as they couldn’t understand what it was all about, the couple requested the master to say it again. Now, the master’s coarse voice echoed louder than usual, “B L A S H”, “B L A S H”, “B L A S H” ! The coarse loud voice reaches the ear of the blind fortune teller waiting outside the cave who rushes in to usher the couple out of the cave and ask them what was going on inside the cave. After relating to him what had happened, both the couple and the fortune teller also could not decipher it !

So until today some smart alex have decoded it as “BUY LOW AND SELL HIGH” ! Haha !

                         ………………to be continue…………………….


Sunday, January 4th, 2009

Hi Guys,


Thanks for dropping by.


Moneytalk, as the name implies, is a blog dedicated to money and matters concerning wealth and it’s related issues. The writer’s primary profession is in the Capital Market Services and Practices Diamond Qigong for healthy well-being. As this blog is allocated to me by my Master Sifu, I’ll try to offer my level best opinion from my wisdom to your queries and share them here with all.


Please feel free to offer your good opinion too. In fact, all are welcome to provide and share your input if you have a better opinion to any querries raised or have a different approach or opinion which you think fits best. All rational inputs were be unreservably appreciated. Thank you !      


Quote : “Giving alms is just like sowing seeds; the seeds will bud when nourished with

               a loving heart.” – Buddha   [“布施如播橦 叮郗善滋滋橦子 才会发芽 ” – ]



As we bade farewell to 2008 and welcome the new year 2009 albeit with tepidity, it is my fervent hope that the in coming “Earthy Ox” will be a “healthy” and “strong” one so that it can provide us the might and strength to tide through this very difficult period of global economic slow down caused by the US Subprime Crisis.


Some of us are now beginning to slowly, while most will surely feel the “pinch” from the effects of  this economic slow down. It may take a longer while for global economies to recover but bracing for the worst is what all of us need to prepare for now.


Let us now guess what is going to happen from now on until full recovery of  our country’s economy.


Normally it will take a period of time ranging from three (3) to six (6) months for the domino effects to reach our shore but because of the magnitude of the crisis and that it happened far away and the fact that our economy are yet to be “globalized”(Blessing in disguise as Malaysia is not yet a global FTA member as discussion with US on free trades broke down just too many times in the past), looks like it should take about one (1) year for the full effects of the US Subprime Crisis to get to us ! In fact the tell tale signs are there for the more observant economic advisers to all the nation’s top government officers in the likes of the Prime Minister and his Deputy, Finance Ministers and their deputies and to a lesser extent, the Foreign Affairs Ministers and his deputy and the Foreign Trades and Industries Minister and his deputy who have studied the most fundamental of economic theory subject in the basic of Economic 101 to have been able to see the obvious [could this be the reason why our top government officials entrusted by the rakyat to look after the Country’s wealth are so confident that Malaysia will not be handed a hard landing as multi stimulus packages are on place ever ready to be call upon anytime soon ] !




What Does Business Cycle Mean ?


The recurring and fluctuating levels of economic activity that an economy experiences over a long period of time. The five stages of the business cycle are growth (expansion), peak, recession (contraction), trough and recovery. At one time, business cycles were thought to be extremely regular, with predictable durations, but today they are widely believed to be irregular, varying in frequency, magnitude and duration.


Business Cycle explained.

Since the World War II, most business cycles have lasted three to five years from peak to peak. The average duration of an expansion is 44.8 months and the average duration of a recession is 11 months. As a comparison, the Great Depression – which saw a decline in economic activity from 1929 to 1933 – lasted 43 months.



Really, it does not take a genius but a mediocre business student to be able to tell you what it’s all about in a business or an economic cycle ! He may be able to tell you that after all the BOOM, the last or the tailend of it is always in the PROPERTY SECTOR which signifies the beginning of the end of a Country’s good times ! Just look at our closest neighbour Singapore, they are the first country in the Asean Region to be hit hard by the US Subprime Crisis through their quick declaration of  “RECESSION” and they are a “GLOBALIZED COUNTRY” mind you !


Ok, let us do an estimate of the likely duration of recession that can affect the economy of our Country. Because it’s a global recession, we will “Average Out” the followings : the “SUM” of the average duration of a recession since World War II and the worst duration of the recession suffered during the Great Depression ; i.e. (11 + 43)/2 = 27 months or 9 quarters in financial term.


So we should be prepared to last at least 2 years of hardships from now !


Time of hardships are already knocking at our doors, incomes are reducing while costs of living, essential and necessary expenses are mounting by the days, some are retrenched and given long holidays without compensation and/or pay while the slightly luckier ones are taking pay cuts and VSS.


Many consumers are complaining that while the price of petrol, diesel and some essential items such as cooking oil, flour just to name a few here are coming down but the greedy food retail outlets especially the stall owners at foodcourts are still charging higher prices for the food that they served. Do you think that we should boycott them ? These greedy traders are taking advantage of the situation and are not helping the cause at all ! I think it is good idea that we should all cook and eat at home and not commit to their coffers !    


What should we do next follows !  



                                      ………….to be continue………….